Search for Brooklyn Oenology's next wine label artist

Have you been to Brooklyn Oenology’s wine bar? You should, its got a nice vibe and it’s totally affordable. They get to sell wine on the cheap since they are actually a tasting room, and can sell you a bottle at retail that you then get to drink on the spot. To further distinguish themselves in the crowded Brooklyn wine market, they have art as their wine labels-and now want your pretty little project to grace their bottles.

From the release:
Since 2005, Brooklyn Oenology, a unique urban winery using local grapes and production, has been showcasing and supporting Brooklyn-based artists by featuring local art on their eclectic wine labels. Each vintage, blend, and varietal highlights a new work selected by winemaker Alie Shaper from some of the borough’s brightest creative talents.

In celebration of the new year, the opening of BOE’s new Tasting Room in Williamsburg, and the upcoming spring debut of some exciting new wines, Brooklyn Oenology is thrilled to announce an open search for the artist to be featured on our next release, the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc- a refreshing varietal sure to be a summer hit!

I’m not so much of a white wine type of artist myself but, who knows? More details on how to get your art on a wine bottle are at NYFA.

Scott Campbell's en fuego

c/o Olivier Zahm for the Purple Diary

Williamsburg-based tattoo and fine artist, Scott Campbell, got into a heated showdown with the folks who organized his sold-out show at Mexico City’s Vice Gallery (yes, that Vice) last week. Offended by an overbearing sponsorship and personal attacks, Campbell dismantled the show, dragged it to the sidewalk and lit the lot on fire. Maybe he was overreacting, but it was also kind of badass. Read the full story from Scott via Interview Magazine online.

Poster Boy's Peanut Buddha Jelly Time

Poster Boy dropped a dancing banana on the Greenpoint Ave G platform. Love the shadow effect.

h/t josh morrissey

Underneath it all, Dickchicken just wants to make you laugh.

The Work Book Project has a video up of loved/hated Brooklyn icon and street artist, Dickchicken. We contacted the reprobate to see if he’d answer a few questions.  Interview after the jump.

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UK Cops Posting Graffiti Tags to Facebook 'Wall of Shame'

The whole point of tagging, as I understand it, is to get noticed. So when UK cops got the bright idea of taking pictures of graffiti tags around town and posting them to their Facebook wall in a “Wall of Shame,” wouldn’t that just encourage the artists into throwing their tagging efforts into overdrive?

Police logging and photographing tags, seen as a badge of honour amongst graffiti artists, which will be kept on record and used when offenders are identified.

And a wall of shame has been created on Facebook so the public can also see the graffiti tags.

Yep, good luck with that, Halesowen PD.

Thursday at 8:00 pm

Image c/o Slant Magazine

Hot on the trail of worthwhile Halloween happenings, I kept coming across events on Thursday, all kicking off at 8:00 pm. Resting up for the weekend shit show that is Halloween in NYC is overrated, so go get your Brooklyn on. All vital information is below.

Eric Drooker and David Rovics performance
A free evening of music from Rovics (called “the musical version of Democracy Now!” by Democracy Now!, so they should know) and visualizations from Drooker (New Yorker illustrator and Howl animator extraordinaire) presented by In Our Hearts (an anarchist collective) at the Brooklyn Free Store (222 Walworth St.).

“Grow a Pair” Party with Hornitos Tequila
Free tequila ’til 11:00 pm at Bar Matchless with RSVP on their Facebook page. Live sets by Titus Andronicus (you should start listening to this Jersey-based band now) and So So Glos.

Murder Poses
Torture porn from the big screen brought to bone-chilling life in the form of performance art at Galapagos Art Space. Tickets are $12.

On View: A Visual Artist Showcase
Local artists show off their work, including two films and photo slide shows at Zebulon. Free artsy mingling and music (no word on booze) afterward.

Reefer Madness
The Gallery Players stage the classic, anti-pot propaganda film turned comedy musical for one weekend only. Tickets are $18. Sorry, smoking weed in the theater is (most likely) frowned upon.

The Ring Cycle
The Bushwick Starr’s reimagining of Wagner’s classic opera with wrestlers and rock ‘n’ roll has been written up in the Times and the Voice. Check it out for $15 before it closes this weekend.

Shopping Cart Art?

Over at Scouting NY there are some photos of a shopping cart with a very legit looking install over at Macri Square.



Such a breathe of fresh air after the onslaught of Dick Chicken’s quick public art. Anyone want to take credit for this piece?

Illegal Art is Sometimes the Most Beautiful: Come See Street Artists Gaia and Sten & Lex at Brooklynite Gallery This Saturday

Here’s the thing about street art — whether or not you realize it, you’re already intimately familiar with the artist’s work.

Such is the case with NYC-homegrown artist Gaia‘s rugged linoleum prints. This weekend, instead of hitting the streets, he’ll joining the legendary Italian artists Sten & Lex for a show at Brooklynite gallery.

We talked briefly with Gaia about why he puts his art on the street, what he thinks of Baltimore, and why art that’s illegal can sometimes be the most beautiful.

Interview after the jump, and make sure you check out the show’s opening party this Saturday, featuring music by the formidable Wham City artist collective member DJ Mark Brown (check out the video he just did for Beach House).

“Portraits” opens 7pm October 16 at Brooklynite gallery on 334 Malcom X Blvd, off the Utica Ave stop on the A/C.

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