No Window Shopping tonight at The Yard

NoWindowShoppingA new group exhibition, No Window Shopping, opens Thursday evening at The Yard. Featuring a variety of works on wood and canvas from BEAU, Sam Kirk, and URNY, Phase ii of No Window Shopping aims to highlight current events and local affairs including affordable housing, quality of life, normalizing relations with Cuba and the purpose that respectively defines – and ultimately connects -those relationships.

Continuing a rotating program of local artists exhibited at The Yard’s Brooklyn location, No Window Shopping will be on display through September 18th.

No Window Shopping
Phase ii f/ BEAU, Sam Kirk & URNY
July 30 – September 18, 2015
The Yard: Space to Work
33 Nassau Ave. 2nd floor.

RSVP for July 30th, 6-8pm, opening reception.

Crest Fest 2012 Happening Saturday

This year’s Crest Fest is upon us!  The festivities run from 1pm to 7pm on Saturday, June 30th.  The event will take place at Crest Hardware, located at 558 Metropolitan Avenue and will be filled with art, life music, food, drinks and local vendors.  Details and more information can be found by visiting the website.

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Ventana244 Brings the Intensity

On a random meandering through the hood Friday night, we were charmed by a little light show emanating from Ventana244. The boutique art space located on North 6th is currently hosting Intensity, an interactive project experimenting with sound, poetry and movement.

One of the featured artists, Tisch student Mimi Yin, combines her professional software experience with dance training  in ‘Hangman’s Jig.’ Light bulbs move mechanically to specialized algorithisms creating a shadow dance party. Yin hopes to expand the piece to a larger performance art production.

Check out Yin’s work as well as the others (one of which involves screaming at a very timid tree) at Ventana244 now.  The show runs until July 10.

Ventana244 –  244 North 6th Street (Between Roebling and Havemeyer)

Imaginary Arms opens Saturday

Joseph O'Neal, joan of arc, 27.5" x 64" acrylic, chalk on found wood

They say it might snow again this weekend. I am so over this weather. Come in out of the cold, and don’t miss , Imaginary Arms, an exhibition of paintings, sculpture and photography opening Saturday at ARCH Collective NYC, 390-400 Troutman St. The show features bluetan art collective members Joseph O’Neal and recent addition Joe Strasser, along with Clark Russell, Grover Watts and Jeremy McDaniel. Rumor has it, the the avant-garde pirate Alex Chaplin, might show a secret installation.

Joseph O’Neal claims North Carolina as his lifelong home, but resides in Brooklyn. Critics say his work “creates a transcendental dialogue through a system driven by the archaic. Symbols, phonetics, and imagery come descendent from a past that, in the words of Motherwell, ‘…could only have been conceived of at present.” According to O’Neal,

“The work consists of two variables: the problem and the resolution. Both variables are present in the end result, like the shaking of hands at a peace treaty. The handshake dissolves my relevancy.”

Jeremy McDaniel is a sculptor and installation artist from Atlanta. A military school dropout, he feels his art is imperative to his discipline.

Joe Strasser worked often with bluetan, and recently fell in to the ranks. If an artist is influenced by his surroundings, The now Brooklyn based Strasser has a lot to go on; the suburbs of New Jersey, a van on a Hawaiian beach, a campground in Woodstock, to Miami, Fl. Of his work, he said,

“ It has taken me over 20 years to completely paint what I want. My work is mostly about using found material and placing it in a new context and giving it new life. This creates a certain kind of poetry with the found detritus. I also believe sex and death should always be present in a piece…”

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