Panorama 2016 Festival Review


The folks at Goldenvoice, the company most famous for promoting Coachella, were probably looking forward to a reprieve from the three digit temperatures their flagship festival often endures in the Southern California desert when they were organizing their New York City festival, some months ago. Instead, they, and festival-goers like myself, would have to persevere through three days of record-setting highs on Randall’s Island this past weekend; the shiny paragon of LCD Soundsystem’s big New York reunion show looming over us all. [Read more…]

Ten acts we’ll be checking out at Panorama


The inaugural Coachella East, better known as Panorama starts tomorrow on Randall’s Island. The folks at Goldenvoice have done an admirable job putting together a solid festival lineup, mostly consisting of big tent indie, electro and hip-hop. Here’s the ten acts we’ll most definitely be checking out this weekend.

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Here are some things you can trade for your Arcade Fire tickets

arcadefirebrooklynAre you one of the lucky people who has tickets to see Arcade Fire in Bushwick this weekend? I know $200 each isn’t enough to tempt you to sell your tickets on Stubhub, but how about trading your tickets for one of these incredible options on Craigslist? [Read more…]

Tickets for Arcade Fire’s ‘secret’ show are on sale at noon


As we mentioned on Tuesday, Arcade Fire are playing a couple of ‘secret’ intimate shows in Brooklyn on Friday and Saturday. They’ve confirmed the location to be 299 Meserole.

Tickets go on sale today at noon [Read more…]

Arcade Fire “secret show” venue revealed for their upcoming gigs in Brooklyn


Mysocialist thinks they’ve uncovered where Arcade Fire will perform Friday 10/18 and Sat 10/19. Drum roll please: [Read more…]

New Spike Jonze Trailer: ‘Her’ – Film to Feature Music By Arcade Fire


Just Gimme Indie Rock!

Indie rock is such an overused term that defining it and charting the genre’s evolution is almost impossible, but with his new film Just Gimme Indie Rock!: The Story of an Underground Uprising, Brad Katz is attempting to do just that.

Just Gimme will cover indie music history of the past 40 years, from genre pioneers Sonic Youth and Hüsker Dü to current heavy hitters Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend. According to the website, the film, “will be the first to connect the dots between divergent eras of indie,” using archival concert footage and “insider” interviews.

For this epic undertaking Katz is relying on support from the fans themselves. Indie loving rockers can donate their funds to a Kickstarter account until August 23. Pledge today, and help preserve indie rock history so that future generations of hipsters can be as pretentious about their obscure music knowledge as the hipsters of today.

Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze made an amazing video

There has not been a music video this emotionally affecting in a long time. And it’s easy to say that the art form has lost its flare with every video online simply trying to be a viral success. But this Spike Jonze-directed piece for Arcade Fire’s title track from The Suburbs proves that there is still a definite need for beautiful music videos. This is absolutely beautiful.