Curbed assesses a “new, post-gentrification era for Bedford Avenue”


Now that there’s a Whole Foods, a Starbucks, an Apple store and gaggles of bros on Bedfod Ave, Curbed took the time to do a block-by-block assessment of the gentrification. They’re still serving drinks at the Turkey’s Nest and slinging slices at Vinnie’s. Still, it’s hard not to lament all that has changed:

The William Vale Hotel, located at the corner of North 12th Street and Wythe Avenue, is clearly visible when standing near the McCarren Park tennis courts. The oddly-shaped lodging is due to open this year. [Read more…]

Apple announces their Williamsburg store is opening next week

appleAccording to Apple’s website their long awaited Bedford Avenue store (at North 3rd) will open on [Read more…]

Purported Bedford Avenue Apple Store looks nearly complete

Photo via Brownstoner

Photo via Brownstoner

Brownstoner stopped by what has long been purported to be the location for the new Apple Store at 247 Bedford Avenue. The outside is looking nearly complete, but there is [Read more…]

Williamsburg is officially getting an Apple Store

appleThe long rumored Apple Store at 247 Bedford Ave. (North 3rd) is officially going to happen. From [Read more…]

It looks like the Apple Store on Bedford Ave is really happening

applestoreAccording to reports by Gothamist the long rumored Apple Store on North 3rd and Bedford could really be coming to Williamsburg soon. From Gothamist:

The wall between the two stores has been knocked down, creating what could be an Apple-store sized space. The space above the Bagel Store is empty, but there are apartments at 241 Bedford, above King’s. Whisk employee Joanne Saucier says she’s heard the tenants are being pressured to leave, and have been offered a buyout.
“The space where Bagel Store/Kings Pharmacy existed is going to be the Apple store location,” Saucier said in an email. “They’ve already started on it, and the lease was signed about a month ago. We found that out from the owners of the block.”


J.Crew, Apple stores likely coming to Williamsburg


Last week, we reported that luxury condos will soon usurp the tumbledown je ne sais quos of Wythe Ave. from South Williamsburg all the way up to Greenpoint. Today we learned from Crain’s where the future residents of those condos will buy their flat-front khakis for $75: J.Crew. Full disclosure: I like J.Crew’s khakis, but I would not pay $75 for them. Maybe like $25 if they were on sale.

Crain’s also told us that Apple plans to open a store in Williamsburg. Great news if you don’t want to trek to one of the four Manhattan locations to get your $800 phone built by slave laborers fixed because INSTAGRAM ISN’T WORKING.

Apple is looking into space on Bedford Avenue

applebedfordAlong with inquiries into space in Fort Greene, Apple is looking into space at 247 Bedford Avenue for a new retail store. The space is currently occupied by The Bagel Store. From The Real Deal:

Meanwhile, two additional sources disputed that information, and said in fact the firm was looking closely at 247 Bedford Avenue, in Williamsburg. RedSky Capital and Joel Schreiber’s Waterbridge Capital purchased the building in 2012 for $66 million. It is across the street from a future Whole Foods location.

What do you think? Would you be happy to have a genius bar in the neighborhood, or is this just adding to the retail madness?