Anthony Weiner Doll aka The Post Stole the best Headline

Photo via NY Post

While we know it is impossible to avoid anything Anthony Weiner related these days and that you all are probably sick of it, we thought that this was too good to gloss over.  According to the NY post Connecticut based Doll Makers,, have created an Anthony Weiner doll (action figure ?).   Apparently the company has made two versions, one SFW and one NSFW (one with junk and one without…if you didn’t already catch my drift).  The company went live with the dolls yesterday morning and already they are selling like hot cakes.  Leave it to the Post to use “Play with Your Own Li’l Weiner” as the headline.  Damn you NY Post you beat me to the PUNch.

Anthony Weiner at the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner

Hilarious. Don’t miss his catchphrase near the end of the speech, “great interview, aces.”