New music venue Brooklyn Steel coming to Williamsburg this Spring


Brooklyn Steel is set to open in 2017 at 319 Frost Street in Williamsburg. Confirmed acts thus far include The Decemberists, Pixies, PJ Harvey and more. From Bowery Presents:

Brooklyn Steel is the largest general admission venue in Brooklyn, with a capacity of approximately 1,800. With Music Hall of Williamsburg, Rough Trade and now Brooklyn Steel, The Bowery Presents will operate three venues in Brooklyn, offering fans unique and diverse concert experiences. [Read more…]

Put A Little Spring In Your Step: March’s Must See Shows


Well guys, holy sh@t, I survived Holy Ship. I mean, at least I think I did? I haven’t really settled back into the whole “reality” thing, which is why I’m typing this from a hotel bed in New Orleans, because WHY NOT? Life is for living right? And what better way to shirk responsibility and continue to live freely than by surrounding yourself with the best beats this month. Let’s face it – New York has been, well, kinda sucky lately. It’s cold, it’s wet and everyone is hella pissed off. But guys, hang in there – Spring’s so close, and there’s plenty of reasons that New York is still the best place on earth to be, even when it’s cold as balls. Let’s shake away those winter blues with some top notch tunes. Here are my must see shows for this month:

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The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Animal Collective

A rapper from the Marcy Projects is playing eight nights at a professional sports arena on Atlantic Avenue.  A North 11th street bowling alley and concert venue is opening a second location on the Vegas strip.  This could be the lead for yet another “Brooklyn has arrived” piece for the NY Times.  Instead, it’s a lead for a neighborhood blog whose weekly concert recommendation post is contextually two parts existential-crisis and one part bemused excitement.

I refuse to pen yet another “Brooklyn has arrived” hype piece, or conversely, a “Brooklyn is over” takedown; though it’s serendipitous that the most blogged about shows this week are the very same notions personified.

Animal Collective play our most blogged about show for the week, and they’re bringing their enigmatic live show to the very same stage Counting Crows played earlier this summer, on Friday night.  Flying Lotus has become the standard-bearer of electronic music here in 2012, and he plays Bowery Presents’ grandest stage on Sunday.

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Animal Collective’s Own Amanda Palmer Kickstarter Scandal

Via Pitchfork

If the recent Amanda Palmer controversy has accomplished anything — besides getting some people paid to play their instruments — it’s made music fans take a harder look at the ethics of crowd-sourced funding in artistic endeavors. One subject of the intensified scrutiny has been Animal Collective’s Josh Dibb, aka Deakin, who raised nearly $26,000 on Kickstarter in 2009. The funds were to go towards Deakin’s trip to perform at the Festival in the Desert in Mali, Africa, the creation of a book and CD, and a charitable donation to TEMEDT, a Mali organization working to help enslaved black Tuareg people.

And here’s Deacon’s response: [Read more…]

Listen: Animal Collective’s new album, Centipede Hz, in its entirety

You can listen to it now here.


As mentioned, Animal Collective premiered the entirety of their new album, Centipede Hz, last night (8/19) on Animal Collective Radio. The album is now streaming there on-demand in advance of it’s September 4 release date with song visuals created by Abby Portner.

The band also made a video for single for “Today’s Supernatural,” directed by frequent AC collaborator Danny Perez, which you can watch below, along with an interview with the band’s electronics wrangler, Geologist (Brian Weitz)…. Animal Collective will support the new album on a tour with Micachu & the Shapes which hits NYC on October 5 at Williamsburg Park.

Watch the new video after the jump:
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Animal Collective – “Today’s Supernatural”

Here’s the first single from Centipede Hz. Panda Bear debuted it (along with two of his new instrumental solo jams) on Animal Collective Radio last night. “Today’s Supernatural” is weird (in that way that Animal Collective are), upbeat, and has some of that classic Avey Tare scream/singing. Perfect to whet our appetite for Centipede Hz‘s release.

Tickets are still available for Animal Collective’s show at Williamsburg Park this fall.

Get Weird with Deakin

Utilizing guitar, loops, samples and vocals, Deakin builds a delicate balance between discord and ambience. Crackling with emotion, songs engulf him in chiming, clockwork sounds. From within this nebula, Deakin’s voice emerges, clear eyed and focused, while earthy, foot-stomp rhythms unfold slowly and powerfully, reaching towards an expression beyond language.

Josh Dibb did recently announce that he will be re-joining Animal Collective, after taking a break during their Merriweather Post Pavillion recording and touring. Thankfully, though, it looks like he’ll still be doing some solo work too. Although he hasn’t released a proper debut yet, the live videos and bootleg recordings going around prove that his spacey, drawn-out style is compelling and as intriguing as the solo work of AnCo cohorts Avey Tare and Panda Bear.

So let’s get weird, everyone! Tomorrow night, Deakin will be taking the stage at the New Museum (Do they have a stage? Or has the art world progressed beyond stages?) along with Prince Rama. Get Weird a monthly party series at the museum  aimed at bringing “experimental and freaky jams” to the public. Those are our favorite kinds of jams!

Doors are at 7:00. Admission is $12 for museum members or $15 for regular Joes like us.

Converse opening a recording studio

Apparently indie bands love footwear in 2010. Whether you’re Animal Collective designing a cute kids’ sneaker for charity, or Best Coast appearing on a song released by Converse. Well, now Converse is stepping up their effort to remain in with the hip music crowd by opening a recording studio in Williamsburg.

Rubber Tracks will serve as a catalyst for originality by giving new and emerging bands the opportunity to record their songs in a high-quality studio setting. Musicians of all genres will be able to apply in advance for a time to use the studio – for free. As in no cost.

The studio will be called Rubber Tracks (I bet they thought of naming it the Converse Shoe-dio, but that got vetoed), and will open early next year. Below is a video of Big Boi, Neon Indian and a bunch of other people from the music world talking about recording studios and why they are so rad. I want to be skeptical and say this is all just a huge commercial for Converse, but this actually sounds like a really cool thing for a lot of bands that can’t afford studio space (or shoes). More information here.