Wythe Hotel’s Reynard restaurant has eliminated tipping

reynardAfter removing tipping from his Fort Greene restaurant Roman’s, Andrew Tarlow has put the practice in place for Wythe Hotel’s Reynard as well as the rooftop bar [Read more…]

Bon Appetit interviews Andrew Tarlow who owns every single dining establishment in North Brooklyn

credit: Daniel Krieger

credit: Daniel Krieger

Well almost. If you’ve eaten food from Diner, Marlow & Sons, Roman’s, Reynard, Achilles Heel, She Wolf Bakery, Saltie, Pies & Thighs, The Meat Hook, or Marlow & Daughters you’re familiar with Andrew Tarlow:

It’s pretty easy to see how much Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has changed since you opened Diner 15 years ago, but what kind of effect does that have on running and opening restaurants?

The big difference is 15 years ago there were like four places that a young cook could go, or had to go, or wanted to go—they had to go to Le Bernardin, they had to go to Gramercy [Tavern], they had to get that name on the résumé before deciding like, “Oh, I don’t really want to do that anymore.”

We would have never gotten a cook right out of cooking school to come work at Diner—ever. In the beginning, everyone lived around the corner from us and had reached a point where they could say, I don’t need to commute, I could just do it here.

That’s obviously totally changed. But they also can’t afford to live here anymore, which is tricky.

Do you still live in the neighborhood?

I moved to Fort Greene a few years ago, but I lived on the same block as Diner and Marlow for, like, 15 years. It gave me sort of a unique relationship to those two businesses.

Check out this “geo-social map” — whatever that is – of his empire. Here’s what they have to say about his first establishment, Diner, which along with DuMont was responsible for spearheading the locally-sourced restaurant phenomenon. [Read more…]

Achilles Heel – More Information On Andrew Tarlow’s Latest Greenpoint Restaurant

No word on when Achilles Heel will open (some reports say it’s open now) but they’re currently not answering the phone. Via Grub Street:

With four restaurants and a butcher shop in his North Brooklyn domain, Andrew Tarlow wasn’t looking to open anything new. But when a friend mentioned a long-shuttered tavern on the ground floor of a 1931 Greenpoint building he happened to be restoring, the waterfront location felt more like something old—a place with history and romance, plus an original bar and banquettes that Tarlow was able to salvage. Achilles Heel, inspired by the notion of the shipyard dive, probably won’t attract many actual longshoremen, but Tarlow is catering to the community with continuous service (8 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily) and a menu culled from his other establishments: Reynard’s croissants and Marlow & Sons’ scones, American hams and charcuterie from Marlow & Daughters, and breads from the oven at Roman’s. The nautical theme extends to raw shellfish, clam chowder, and plenty of rum.

Achilles Heel, 180 West St., at Green St., Greenpoint; 347-987-3666

“Dinner With Friends” Series at the Wythe Hotel To Host Guest Chefs

Reynard’s Andrew Tarlow on the dinner series (via Eater):

Some of the thought behind this was obviously that having a hotel, we can attract our friends and have them stay with us for a week. It’s the idea of cooking with friends and inviting them to our home. We’re trying to offer up an experience that you can’t get in New York.

We’re thinking about doing it monthly, and doing a series of like four to six of them, and then we’ll take a little break and figure out how we want to do it after that.” He plans to eventually host acclaimed chefs from outside the country. Reservations for the first three dinners can be made by calling 718-460-800

Here’s the menu for the first three events:

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