This One Goes To Eleven: 5 most horrifying metal albums of 2015

a0842848921_16Though typically reserved for Mothers-Against-HBO’s monthly letters to customer service, desensitization is also a fact of life for extreme music fans in the year 2015. With the metal world larger, and more inclusive, than ever before, with the once-reviling GWAR now little more than a post-everything Alice Cooper—with a fucking chainsaw solo carved into the listening canon—disorientation, and its attendant scares, have become increasingly difficult to orchestrate. Enter, then, 2015’s 5 Most Horrifying Metal Records, which have, despite all those impediments, managed to scare the unliving shit out of us time and time again over the course of the past 10 months. Grab your headphones, hit the lights, and check them out.

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