What’s moving in to the old 3rd Ward building?

3rd Ward, the East Williamsburg co-working space/artists’ collective/amorphous “art thing” closed its doors at 195 Morgan Ave. on October 9, 2013.

Recently, ads like this have been popping up on Reddit: “Former Third Ward Space Available for Lease 195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 – 10,000 SF – Rental Rate Negotiable.”

Out of curiosity we contacted the broker, NSNRYE, and it turns out that the space has already been rented. So, what’s going to replace the 3rd Ward? According to a spokesperson, “an internet company” will be doing “something really cool in the space.”

But what? We needed to know, so we pressed for details:

What I can tell you is this: The spirit of community, learning and fun remains strong at 195 Morgan Avenue; as does the excitement around technology, sustainability and freedom of ideas. It is our intent to find original companies to nurture an environment of synergy and affiliation with the world of arts, business and technology. We believe we’ve found the perfect partner to do so.

So, it’s going to be an internet company/community/learning, fun, and free ideas space that encourages excitement about technology and sustainability and is affiliated with the world of arts, business, and technology. No company ever, in other words.

195 Morgan is going to remain empty forever. You heard it here first.

3rd Ward members – sign up for FREE classes at National Academy School


This should mollify the pain:

Due to the recent and unexpected shutdown of the 3rd Ward, a beloved art and education space in Brooklyn that once hosted an array of creative classes, all of which were open to the public– the National Academy School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has since stepped up, willing to accept any and all displaced members, completely free of charge.

“We hope that offering 3rd Ward members free registration for any one class in our upcoming semester will help heal the wounds of loss and assist in supporting the needs of affected artists,” said Maurizio Pellegrin, Director of the National Academy School. Displaced members of 3rd Ward should plan on registering for their classes before November 1st.

Sign up here.

Company to issue 100% credit to 3rd Ward students who signed up on their site

Well this is good news From the inbox:

Thanks for your article covering 3rd Ward’s abrupt closing. I’m a co-founder of CourseHorse, a website that centralizes classes in NYC, and was saddened and completely shocked to learn about this.

We’ve had hundreds of students sign up for 3rd Ward classes through our site (and partners Time Out, Brooklyn Mag/L Mag, Serious Eats, etc) in recent weeks. As you know, 3rd Ward has said they will not be issuing any refunds, which we think, well, stinks.

With that in mind: we’ve decided to issue a 100% credit to 3rd Ward students who have booked through CourseHorse. This can used on over 35,000 classes in the city and we hope will allow them to continue to learn and explore new/old passions.

Students can reach out to hello@coursehorse.com to claim their credit.

3rd Ward offers no refunds, owner was a “selfish, duplicitous crook” with a history of being an unorganized slumlord

Jason Goodman

Jason Goodman

While 3rd Ward owner Jason Goodman apparently bathes in the luxury of his posh, waterfront mansion in Montuak, he told members in an email Thursday he will not be offering refunds:

Members of the renowned arts and coworking space 3rd Ward who plunked down big bucks for access to classes won’t get their money back after the owners of the 30,000-square-foot workspace announced its closure last week. The space at 195 Morgan Ave., which opened in 2006 and drew countless would-be artisans alongside dozens of tenants subleasing from the company, will not offer refunds to anyone for their memberships, the company said in an email Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, you will not have an opportunity to use your membership after today at 6 p.m., and we will not be able to refund any payments made for membership services that have not been fully utilized before that time,” the email said. “With the costs of running and operating our space, we are sadly no longer able to remain in business.”

A tipster reminded us that 3rd Ward founders Jason Goodman and Jeremy Lovitt have a history of shady incompetence. Their 3rd Ward outpost on Metropolitan and Lorimer (573 Metropolitan Ave.) was forced to shut down in 2010 for operating illegally: [Read more…]

3rd Ward is shutting down on Friday shut down last night



The popular East Williamsburg art space 3rd Ward, best known for its expansive array of pricey classes and its weekly “drink and draw” sessions, closed abruptly last night without warning. Calls to 3rd Ward currently go unanswered. According to a tip we received this afternoon, rumors abound about the possibility of foreclosure or bankruptcy, with talk even of killing electricity on the space by midnight. Meanwhile, thousands of the organization’s members have no knowledge of the shutdown.


We hear on good faith (but have yet to fully confirm) that 3rd Ward is closing on Friday. Evidently, their fundraising attempts were not enough to keep the operation afloat. Clearly, we are bummed since 3rd Ward has helped make Bushwick and Williamsburg the thriving arts communities that they are today. Here’s an explanation of why they’re having problems:

3rd Ward is seeking an immediate minimum investment of approximately $1.5 million, and we are asking our community to join us. This growth and stabilization capital is essential to our continued success. While we had strong revenues of $3.6 million in 2012, we had a downtick of revenues in 2013 and our expansion and resulting operational costs created a need for a new infusion of equity.

The current operating losses and cash deficit are primarily due to three factors: [Read more…]

Ligurian Restaurant Fitzcarraldo Has Soft Opening At 3rd Ward Today

Fitzcarraldo (c/o Grub Street)

Fitzcarraldo (c/o Grub Street)

Fitzcarraldo is at 195 Morgan Avenue, East Williamsburg/Bushwick, www.fitzbk.com

We visited the space last time we were at 3rd Ward and it looks beautiful. We can’t wait to try the food in September. For now, they are only open for lunch and breakfast:

After months of anticipation, Fitzcarraldo, the new restaurant from Rucola’s Henry Rich and Julian Brizzi, soft opens today for breakfast, lunch, and bar service. The Ligurian-inspired restaurant is housed on the premises of 3rd Ward, and has an interior designed with its namesake Werner Herzog film in mind. That means an aesthetic that’s part Peruvian jungle, part crumbling opera house, although with more restraint than that kind of combination might suggest. [Read more…]

This Saturday: 3rd Ward’s 6th Annual Pig Roast


You can RSVP here.

Mark your calendar, our 6th Annual Pig Roast is July 27! Join us for a summery celebration of gut-splitting proportions. Our friends at Fitzcarraldo will be roasting a pig and serving up delicious summer sides. Plus we will have music, dancing, Coolhaus treats, double dutch, workshops, The Self Portrait Project and more!

MENU: [Read more…]

3rd Ward Craft Fair This Weekend!

This Saturday noon to 6:

Give the gift of something that goes beyond popcorn tins and fruit cakes – come hang out with us at the 6th Annual 3rd Ward Handmade Holiday Craft Fair and score something unique.

Enjoy more handmade gifts than you’ll be able to imagine from over a hundred vendors from all over Brooklyn. From terrific terrariums and bite-sized gifts of culinary awesome to cute kitchenwares and items to make your iPad a one-of-a-kind item, we’ve got something for everybody.

Come early, and you’ll score a limited-edition 3rd Ward tote bag filled to the brim with good stuff from all of our vendors. Supplies are limited, but if you’re one of the first 200 people here, we’ll give you some goodies.

Our pals at Rucola in Boerum Hill will be hanging out with us and providing yummy drinks and snacks to enjoy while you shop

See our full list of holiday shopping fairs here.