Tørst Opens Tonite! Greenpoint’s New Geeky, Scandinavian, Craft Beer Bar Has A ‘Flux Capacitor’

Torst, Photo: Melissa Hom

615 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint

Craft beer lovers have been buzzing about Greenpoint’s hightly anticipated Scandinavian beer joint Tørst, which FINALLY opens tonight. The space is by the same company who designed Paulie Gee’s, Donna, Goat Town and duckduck (so it’s going to be beautiful). But we’re, of course, more excited about the beer.

Grub Street has a first look:

Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø — the cult brewer behind Denmark’s Evil Twin — and Daniel Burns — who has worked at Noma and Momofuku Labs — will open the doors to Tørst [Friday], one of the most anticipated beer bars in years. Burns says a full, separate kitchen is in the works for May; right now he’s got an oven and a meat slicer… Burns says there may also eventually be a ten-course tasting with individual pairings “of beer you can’t get anywhere else.”

Beer nerds will undoubtedly geek out about the technology behind the bar which has its own, um, FLUX CAPACITOR:

Behind the gorgeous marble bar is Tørst’s secret lodestar: the so-called “flux capacitor,” a red-lit, glass-enclosed control panel under the taps. It was designed by Gabe Gordon, the chef, brewer, and owner of Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach. The flux capacitor allows the bar’s stewards to calibrate nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixes and adjust compression of each tap, “which means you can serve all beers absolutely perfectly.” It also employs a Glycol system, meaning beer can be served at four different temperatures: Imperial stouts and barleywines at 52, dry stouts at 48, IPAs at 42, and pilsners at 38 degrees, for example.

Here’s what Zagat has to say:

While they’re waiting for the grub to come, craft beer connoisseurs can dive in to Jarnit—Bjergsø’s brew selections, which have something for every taste bud. We’re pretty sure we detected at certain points chocolate, berries, and possibly pine tree in one label, though once the place got packed our conversation with the bartender went from “We’re looking for something a bit spicy with hints of vanilla” to “Number 5 please” using only our hand (Each beer has a designated number next to it with the beers getting a bit more “intense” as the numbers get higher). Tørst Front Room, a barleywine style beer, may be the best choice for closet beer nerds having a hard time letting go of their grapes.

And here’s what else they’ll be pouring:

• Two barleywines, called Tørst Front Room and Tørst Back Room.
• De Molen Rhythm & Blues and Hel & Verdoemenis 666 from Brouwerij de Molen. “They’re the best brewery in Holland,” says Jarnit-Bjergsø.
• Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave in Colorado brews “Brett” beer for the bar, which will be “very funky and sour” because of all that wild yeast.
• At least one limited-edition beer will come from the Toronto-based Bellwoods.
• The Stockholm, Sweden–based Omnipollo Brewery made a special beer for Tørst. The bar is also pouring the brewery’s Mazarin and Nebuchadnezzar…
• A Belgian blonde brewed with a wild yeast strain that makes it funky and earthy, but also it’s very drinkable, with food.” Also in the beer: rhubarb. Why? Because, says Jarnit-Bjergsø, “I love rhubarb, but also because it’s very Danish.”
• An IPA from Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach, home of the original flux capacitor.
• Evil Twin collaborated with Aviary in Chicago on a barrel-aging experiment called Aviary 1-10.
• The bar will pour some beers, including Mexican Cake, from Westbrook, the South Carolina brewery where some of Evil Twin’s beers are produced.
• The bar is also serving a lot of Evil Twin.

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