SUV Violence at Critical Mass

Friday night’s Critical Mass came a month after the NYPD takedown and four years after a couple hundred of riders were arrested at 2004’s Republican National Convention in NYC. So, last night’s vicious and unexpected attack on one rider’s lifeline to the world couldn’t have occurred at a more sensitive time. A friend of mine wrote in this morning with a play by play of the malicious attack on one of our most honored New York icons – the cellular device!

My phone got run over by an SUV while i was riding in critical mass tonight. it was one of those ancient nokias that had lasted me about 5 years, so it was about time. but i have to say, that thing didn’t have a single glitch when it died. if it hadn’t been for that damn SUV, it probably would have gone on working for the next 5 years. i recommend a Nokia for your next cell phone purchase.

Sweet cellular Jesus, no one is safe. Freedom riders of New York City, hide your phones, because we are under attack!
Here’s a photo of the now destroyed Nokia. I warn you to close one eye and peak between your fingers, because it’s simply horrifying and will haunt your dreams. Ready? Ok, look!

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