Summerscreen TONIGHT: Point Break with Total Slacker and Red Romans

Yep, that’s right– we’re trying to tell you the FBI is gonna pay you to learn how to surf.

Starting at 6pm tonight, there will be tons of foods (hence the floating lobster rolls to our left) and music by Total Slacker and a band you might not have heard of yet, but let me tell you why you should pay attention.

Red Romans is the new project from Chris Burke of Beach Fossils fame, so they’re obviously gonna be awesome. Also, while we’re name dropping, Total Slacker’s drummer is the bro of Beirut’s Zach Condon— and I’m sure he loves that everyone keeps talking about it. Moral of the story– pretty boys on instruments, and pretty boys on film. Damn, do we miss Patrick Swayze and 90s Keanu Reeves. “The correct term is babes, sir.”

Doors 6pm, Red Romans 6:30, Total Slacker 7:30, Screening of Point Break 8:30 on the corner of N 12th & Bedford.

This a free event, so bring your blanket and your boyfriend. Be sure to check out the trailer for the 1991 classic after the jump.

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