Stop Blaming Hipsters for the Census

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Hey NPR, next time you run a piece entitled ‚”New York’s Hipsters Too Cool for the Census,” you should maybe do more than talk to three people in a record store?
Sure, as Brian pointed out last week, Williamsburg’s response rates are super low. But check out the actual data available on the Census 2010 Map. The Census return rates for the ‚”hip” parts of Williamsburg are about on par with those for the rest of the city. It’s the Hassidic areas that have a super low rate of return (see screenshot above). Which the NPR story mentioned, kind of, at the end of the piece, after focusing on those crazy kids with their “wacky bikes” and “ironic mustaches.”
So yeah, some of us are lazy assholes who haven’t mailed their forms in yet (like, ok, I *might* have just mailed mine in this morning). But come on ‚Äì we’re no more lazy than the rest of this city.
UPDATE: Aaron Short, over at A Short Story blog, points out that one reason the Hassidic return rate might be so low is because the forms were mailed out during… Passover.
So what we’re saying is that it’s nobody’s fault, really.


  1. npr is for assholes who shop at whole foods.
    WBAI. 99.5 FM.

  2. If you want to know the real reason, I’ll tell you. It’s because the Williamsburg post office has the highest rate of lost and missing packages on the entire planet.

  3. and it could have alot to do with the 8% return rate in no-mans-land east williamsburg.

  4. From the show transcript:
    Now, this isn’t the case for the whole neighborhood. If you walk toward the new glass condo buildings, you’ll find that participation in the census takes off. In the other direction, return rates plunge. And you can’t blame it all on the cool kids. This is the Hasidic part of Williamsburg, where the Satmar Orthodox Jews live. Only one quarter of households here so far have participated. Not only are they reluctant to fill out the census, they don’t even want to talk about it.

  5. Well put, nice infographics.

  6. I mean, to be fair to the Orthodox Jews, I think they may have some general animosity when providing information about their families to the government. It’s pretty unfounded, but, well, there was this whole thing that happened in Europe a few years back and I’m sure it really made an impression on them (hence their moving to the states and all). Maybe that is really where the story should have been focused.
    All and all I would say this is just bad journalistic work. And yes, FUCKING SUCK IT NPR!

  7. > I mean, to be fair to the
    > Orthodox Jews, I think they
    > may have some general
    > animosity when providing
    > information about their
    > families to the government.
    Can’t see why, their interactions with government only result in favorable treatment, whether it involves looking the other way on rental covenants or shielding their brutal and pedophiliac circumcision rituals from prosecution.

  8. i suspect a lot of the missing census forms are the result of conscientious objectors. They were worded in such an offensive, asinine way ie: “Are you Hispanic? YES or NO?”
    And as far fetched as Lars comment regarding the jews and the holocaust may seem, they’re probably spot on…

  9. Take that, NPR! Next time someone says hipsters don’t care… I’ll just go about living my life.

  10. right npr im sure how much pbr you drink is a measure and how many records you own is indicative of likely you are to fill out the census. Why is it all of a sudden ok to hate on a demographic that is only kind of real? Like if i ranted on how the “gang members” i teach on a daily basis — i am SURE there parents filled that form. Oh yeah and its totally cool yo lump people together like that.

  11. DystopiaResident says:

    Do I sense… caring?

  12. “Hey NPR, next time you run a piece entitled ‚ÄúNew York‚Äôs Hipsters Too Cool for the Census,‚Äù you should maybe do more than talk to three people in a record store? ”
    That isn’t a question.

  13. Javier Martinez says:

    LOL. What a bunch of whiny ass children! The posters here do an absolutely brilliant job of epitomizing the stereotypical douchey hipster and why everyone hates them. Yes, start a war with NPR because they “just don’t get you.” Holy shit you are ignorant. I also likec B’s concise historical breakdown of Hasidic Jews and “that thing that happened in Europe.” It was a very eloquent and god, by no means pretensious or idiotic in any way shape or form. What a bunch of retards! Go smoke a bong, listen to some shitty Animal Collective record, and jerk each other off…I mean, in a way it’s essentially what you all do everyday anyways. Later dorks.

  14. Actually, it is SOMEONE’s fault if the shit isn’t getting filled out and sent back, really. You are all just hot and bothered because somebody dared to call out the stinking morass also known as Williamsburg, “hipster capital USA” on its apathy and shallowness. Godspeed, sad little hipsters.

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