Starting today two performance artists will begin living inside a giant hamster wheel in Williamsburg

wheelBeginning tonight at 7pm performance artists Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder will begin living in a hamster wheel at the Pierogi Gallery (North 9th between Bedford and Driggs). The 25-foot tall wooden wheel will be fitted with amenities like toilets, beds and chairs which the performers will have to carefully turn the wheel to reach. From Pierogi:

This new work, In Orbit, continues in this vein with the wheel-shaped house. All its furniture and accommodations are fixed along its circumference. To bring the users the things they require during the day, they must walk in tandem to rotate the giant wheel. The artists will live in the structure 24/7 from February 28 through March 9, 2014. From that date until April 5, 2014, the end of the exhibition, the structure will remain on view in the exhibition space as an installation.

I remember randomly walking by this space one night a few years ago and there was a crowd watching a woman dance while dressed like a ghost. This sounds even more bizarre and interesting. The opening exhibition is tonight from 7-10pm.


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