Starbucks is trying to open a beer selling second Williamsburg location

Picture via Julia Reinstein for Grubstreet

Picture via Julia Reinstein for Grubstreet

Did you think Starbucks was going to end their entrance into Williamsburg with one little store on Union Ave? No chance. The chain is planning on opening a new location (with a liquor license) right next to the current Dunkin Donuts on Bedford according to DNAinfo:

Coffee House Holdings, Inc., doing business as Starbucks, is asking Community Board 1’s approval for a beer and wine liquor license for 154 N. Seventh St., according to Community Board 1’s agenda for an August public meeting.

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  1. jjinbrooklyn says:

    There will be at least three more Starbucks opening here in the next 18 months. They are going to take one of the storefronts by the towers on Kent, plus a Southside location, and one more tbd.

  2. I guess I should stop caring now, right? I mean, I moved to NYC to escape the uncultured suburb I was raised in but giving a fuck is becoming exhausting.

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