Spotted: Arden Goll and Heather Scharf

Meet Arden Goll and Heather Scharf, two Brooklyn buddies who share the same passion for the Pastry Arts, and the love of sharing them with your four legged friends…
Arden and Heather

Profession: Heather– Pastry Chef at Relish / Brooklyn Dog Bites Founder and Partner
Arden– Currently looking for full time work / Brooklyn Dog Bites Founder and Partner
How long have you been in business with Brooklyn Dog Bites?
Heather– Well we have been at it since last summer playing around with recipes, but it isn’t until just now that it has really started to take off.
When and how did this idea come about?
Arden– I got the idea from the office of where my boyfriend works. Most of the employees bring their dogs to work, so I would end up making dog treats for fun for all the dogs in the office.
Heather-It started out as kind of a ‚”Pet Project” or a hobby. Arden and I worked at the same restaurant where we met, and we both decided to collaborate on making our own Business.

What is unique about your Dog Bites?

Heather– Since I am a pastry chef, I have tried many different ideas and recipes, but most importantly we wanted to create something fun and and different that really stands out. All of our food is made fresh with high quality, organic ingredients.
Arden– Also, our tasty little treats are people friendly as well. I have to hide them from my boyfriend after he gets off work or else he will go straight to them!
(They insisted I tried one, and they really are good, not your typs dog food)

Any claims to fame?

Yes, we were just recently featured on the Good Housekeeping Website, and we have convinced PS9 (the pet supplies store on North 9th) to carry our stuff. So now you can find our stuff there along with Artist and Fleas.
Dog Dish 1
Dog dish 2

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