Sparks Is Dead To All Of Us

While the sun has set over the hipster-gasoline beverage of choice, Sparks, there are a a number of ways around this minor little inconvenience. For starters, there’s cocaine. No, I’m joking. What I’m not joking about, however, is DIY Sparks! Waaaay cheaper than both cocaine and real Sparks.
See what you gotta do is grab a pack of Red Bulls. Then scurry out and get an armful of some cheap-ass 40 oz’s and do it yourself!
The basics are:
Step one: Buy the ingredients
Step two: Drink the 40 to the label, mix in the Red Bull.
Step three: Imbibe
Back in college we always preferred Country Club forties as the malt liquor of choice for this mixology, but I challenge you to try your own local flavors and let us know how they work out.
If you need more help on this very scientific experimentation, Let BuzzFeed show you the ways, and then watch their helpful and informational blind taste test below.


  1. ohcomeonnow says:

    i personally know someone who died of heart failure at age 22 (no defect no nothing) from what was probs a fantastic party night of drinking–by mixing red bull and alcohol. i know it’s funny to be redonkulous when you’re drinking, but i draw the line here. i am proud of the brewing co. for putting safety over product buzz… for once!

  2. eesch, i’m sorry to hear that. but miller wouldn’t have stopped selling sparks, ever, if they didn’t have to. a handful of attorney generals made this one happen.

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