Sounding off on hipsters (again) over at Gawker

The Assimilated Negro asked me to comment on the hipster casting call that we posted about earlier this week. From Gawker

Let’s assume this thing isn’t a hoax or an art project by a recent Oberlin grad who thinks he’s bohemian because he found bedbugs in his beard.
Do you tap the family trust fund? Do you idolize Dan Deacon? Are you SO not worried about getting swine flu ’cause that shit only happens to poor people?
They’re not looking for hipsters. They’re looking for entitled idiots. And wait, before you say it, I’m well aware. The terms ‘hipster’ and ‘entitled idiot’ have been synonyms for close to a decade now. But come on, isn’t hipster rage about as tired as PBR and trucker caps? Of course there are plenty of ridiculous, pretentious idiots in Williamsburg-and New York as a whole for that matter. But would you rather be living in a stripmall in the exurbs of Richmond where alt culture consists of seeing The String Cheese Incident perform on Friday at that state-run amphitheater next to Applebees? (I’m from VA, so I can make fun). Personally, I’d rather be in a place like Williamsburg where people appreciate film, music, and fashion, even if I do have to put up with people named Unicornicopia and the neighborhood’s other goofy excesses.
I hope the hipsterhood reality series is for real. That way we can pin all our hipster rage on a handful of dipshits and begin recognizing the difference between artists, people who are cool, and entitled morons. We clearly need a few sacrificial lambs and anyone who would answer that casting call is a perfect fit.

Be sure to check out T.A.N.’s hilarious Hipster Sensibility Matrix too. [image via]


  1. hipsterhate=2007 says:


  2. FREEwilliamburg says:

    that was the point:
    isn’t hipster rage about as tired as PBR and trucker caps?

  3. unamused says:

    this is so boring. not worth my precious time. i care so little, in fact, that im going to take the effort to post how bored this made me.
    heh. these plebeians wont even know what hit them.

  4. I’m so fucking tired of reading about the death of the hipster, hipsters making fun of hipsters, different qualifications of hipsters. Fucking face the facts, if you’re culturally savvy, into dressing yourself or into art/punk/culture, you are a hipster. Accept the fact and move on already.
    Sometimes I think I hate (literally every single) little art kid from Ohio who moves to Brooklyn to work at the thrift store. Then I remember the degree of stupid it takes to stay in the suburbs and hate on Brooklyn. “Brooklyn sucks, it’s full of hipsters, I would never gentrify a neighborhood.”
    It’s not a bad thing just because the New York Times found out about the Morgan L stop. Would you rather be a republican? I hear Florida is great for biking. Move to the city, get an okcupid, climb the ladder and have a kid when you are 30. Stop bitching about it, already, you are making vice magazine rich and they don’t need any more money.

  5. Just so you know, this post makes you sound like an entitled, elitist douchebag. Which you most certainly are. MIDDLE AMERICA IS SO LAME DERP DERP DERP. Get a real job, you fucking gimp ass boozhy loser.

  6. Fuck you hipster cunt. There’s hipster fatigue for a reason. There’s hatred of you morons for a reason. Your little post has cemented the fact that you’re an out of touch trendy little shit. Take your talentless clan of chest tattooed fake punk porn office cubical jockeys and die of cancer. Nobody wants you in NY, and they obviously hated you in VA.

  7. im confused am i an artist..just cool, or/and an entitled moron?

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