Sound Fix Lounge To Close in February

photo taken by ryan muir
File this one in the super bummer department: The Sound Fix Lounge (in back of the record store) is closing down at the end of February, possibly because y’all were too loud! I just called and they confirmed that they were indeed shutting down, “just the bar,” they said, and I’m assuming it’s because of the numerous noise complaints.
Brownstoner reported back in April that the bar shut down for a bit after receiving numerous citations. So who’s to blame? In the same article, Brownstoner writes, “The record store owner believes the violations are rooted in complaints from a couple of neighbors who live in an adjacent building, one of whom, Teresa Polonski, works for Assemblyman Joseph Lentol.” So you tell me, is it an inside job?
via the comic’s comic, who notes, “There is a sign taped to the door of the Williamsburg Brooklyn venue that asks patrons: ‘Please be quiet…Our neighbors are sleeping.’ Too little, too late.”
Update: Brooklyn Vegan points out some upcoming free shows at the venue, which you should most definitely go support:

This week for free @ Sound Fix
January 28 8:00pm – Comedy Free Williamsburg
January 28 9:30pm – Totally J/K w. Joe and Noah
January 29 8:00pm – Big Terriffic w/ Max, Gabe & Jenny
January 30 8:00pm – Forewords
January 31 4:00pm – Loney Dear


  1. It’s kinda ethically fucked that you’d call out a random stranger by name like that publicly based on pure speculation. It smacks of you abusing any influence you might have. I need to consider whether I’ll continue to read this site.

  2. not offended says:

    dude, it’s quoting Brownstoner.

  3. Oh. Right. Nevermind.

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