Sometimes you’re a little late: MisterWives


I usually consider myself up on the indie-pop music scene, but I wasn’t prepared for the pandemonium that was the MisterWives show on Saturday.

I should have been tipped off by the fact that a great band I have been following, Body Language, was opening for MisterWives, but truth be told, I was blind. I watched the video below, and thought, “Awesome, another new band to check out.” But apparently, as Kim Zolciak would say, I was tardy to the party.

I had to work my weekend job on Saturday, so I knew it was going to be close making it to the MisterWives set on time. I trucked it from Greenpoint to the Brooklyn Bowl in record time, only to be confronted with a huge, round-the-corner line. Who is this amazing mystery band? I skipped up to the front to see which line was which and overheard people literally begging to get in. It was a free show, but these folks were willing to forget their RSVP and pay cash – anything to get to the stage.

The ticket line moved pretty smoothly, and I was in the building after a short wait, but missed about half the set. I walked in to a packed floor, every face singing along to the lyrics.

I was not alone in my ignorance at the popularity of MisterWives. The lead singer, Mandy Lee, seemed just as impressed by the size of the audience as I was and continued to express her awe. Lee’s gratitude contributed to the overwhelmingly happy energy in the room. She bounced around the stage and tapped along with the band on her tambourine, beaming. Each song was better than the last and when the band left the stage, the crowd was screaming for more like it was NKOTB. They rushed back out to the stage, but the mics were turned off and the band was literally out of material. Finally, the sound crew got it together and MisterWives closed the set with “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” A fitting ending, if you ask me.

After the show, I made a couple other quick Northside pit stops and then returned to my apartment to listen to their EP Reflections on repeat. Now, when I go see MisterWives the next time they’re in town, I’ll be  properly prepared to belt out the tunes with the masses. Better late than never.

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