Something barrowed, something blue… and BBQ? Delaney Barbecue caters weddings

BrisketTown, 359 Bedford Ave  (Photo courtesy of Delaney BBQ's website)

BrisketTown, 359 Bedford Ave
(Photo courtesy of Delaney BBQ’s website)

Brides can now eat on brisket on the big day! Delaney Barbecue recently announced they are breaking the “chicken or fish” mold and getting into the wedding catering business. Nothing compliments matrimony like a selection of smoked meats, just don’t get sauce on the Vera Wang.

The catering menu covers everything from hors d’oeurves to barbecue faves served family style to pie. Even some veggie options make the list. And if a couple would rather have a traditional slice of cake over pecan pie (why?), the catering team will outsource to a local bakery.

Mazel tov! Yeehaw!


  1. DoubleCC says:

    I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but your headline misspells the word ‘borrowed.’

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