Someone managed to make an entire song about Williamsburg without including the word ‘hipster’

brooklyngirlsVirginia native Catey Shaw’s new song Brooklyn Girls takes place in Williamsburg (and a little bit in Bushwick). “There’s a palace of bricks in 11206 where all the fly Brooklyn chicks reside.” While I give her an incredible amount of credit for not putting the word ‘hipster’ in the chorus like everything else ever made, the song/music video is of course still full of standard Williamsburg references like:

- The L Train
- Graffiti
- Dudes with beards
- Combat boots
- Sitting on a stoop
- Listening to Jay Z
- Brooklyn Nets hats
- More graffiti

But hey I’ll admit the song is pretty catchy. Listen below via Gawker:

- Josh Morrissey is on Twitter


  1. But these girls aren’t brooklyn girls. She is a Virginia Native. They are only temporarily here until they grow up.

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