Since nobody else is saying it:

The consensus among Democrats and Republicans is Bush broke the law. Nixon used wiretaps and it was deemed illegal. What are we waiting for?
And to make matters worse, now he’s calling the leaks to media about domestic eavesdropping program “a shameful act” that “helped the enemy.” Nixon didn’t like Deep Throat either. This is a clear cut issue, the taps are illegal and a huge infringement on civil rights. It’s arguably, even a bigger deal than someone getting a blow job!


  1. i’m so sick of hearing this shit, do you really want dick cheney as president?

  2. Yeah man, that’s a good point. It wouldn’t exactly change anything… at all.

  3. well maybe cheney would have a heart attack. who would be pres then, i dont know how that sorta thing works.
    but still yeah, it wouldnt change anything
    but at least it would tarnish the neocons and they be forever remembered in the history books as “those fucking dumbasses”

  4. 1. If a real impeachment process were to occur (in the alternate universe I’m desperately trying to escape into) Dick Cheney would doubtlessly be indicted as well.
    2. Big Dick Cheney is ALREADY in charge, so what’s the big? Taking Bush out of the White House in handcuffs isn’t a goal that motivates you? I’d like to see it happen. In fact, I can’t wait to see Bush and Cheney on trial for war crimes. You, like Eichman, in that glass booth with headphones on… man, that’ll be so sweet… (Sorry… just drifted into that alternate universe again….)
    3. So, nick, Anonymous and mike d’s solution is –do nothing? You’ve got to be kidding me. And shame on you for your complacency. Get pissed and get motivated. 2006, kids, the year we take these jokers down. Let’s see some hustle out there!
    Happy Saturnalia!

  5. Um, quick edit to the above.
    For item #2, the last sentence should start “You know, like Eichman…”. As it reads it sounds like I drifted into some kind of Jay McInnery second-person present-tense word salad crap. Sorry.

  6. Bush should be impeached because he broke the law, not because impeaching him will greatly alter the powers in Washington. The first step in the right direction is honoring the laws that President Bush has broken.

  7. Ian, I agree, I was trying to put some “sell” into the concept for the “won’t matter, do nothing” posts above.
    It cannot be overstated: the Bush Administration, including the man himself, are truly the enemies of America, it’s Constitution, and its people.

  8. That’ll be the day – when this congress impeaches their boy….

  9. maybe you’re right, it might be worth it to impeach bush, just so cheney would have to come out of his cave and kiss babies.

  10. What happened to all of the wingnuts who used to inhabit the comments here? Are they out fighting on the front lines against the War on Christmas?

  11. Comment from a wingnut:
    Bush broke the law? Politicians are crooked? What a revelation! This is nothing new, believe me and past presidents have done far worse. You really think this is the first time this has happened? He’s only the first one to admit it.
    Bush won’t get impeached. They’re not even going to try. Just dig a little and suddenly you get everyone digging on everyone else. Maybe they should and throw them ALL out.
    I still feel that ultimately this all goes back to the public at large anyway. They elected these crooks. And keep on electing them. And will keep on electing them.
    Oh, and by the way: Fuck this “war on X-mas” shit. Who fucking cares?

  12. i still cannot believe that this is happening… in what warped world, you know, one that is democratic, with free speech etc, can a program be implemented which makes it in our nations best interest to listen in on my conversation with my 80 year grandma in england?
    anyways, when i plot my terriosts attacks, i only call locally, i cant afford all that long distance….
    on a serious note, i am ashamed that i did not vote in the last presidential election, apathy is an endless cycle that needs to be broken. we can do something about it. so let’s…

  13. unless you lived in a swing state, it really would have made no difference.
    im never voting in my lifetime, i feel voting is against my personal philosophies. i would say that its like driving the getaway car in a bank robbery. but thats just how i feel.
    however, i would vote locally, to say no to all bond issues.

  14. While I agree that listening in to American citizen’s conversations is appalling, I would not worry that YOUR conversations were listened to. I don’t fear it. I’m not one whose so paranoid or think I am so important to the US Government to believe that they are actually listening to by banal telephone conversations. If they are…well….I hope they’re having a good time listening to me talk about my boring day to day shit.
    The govt doesn’t even know I exist (except at tax time of course—or if they want you to vote for them).
    Again: It’s appalling that they would do this. But for me, personally, I am not worried about it. Come January, I’m sure congress will do something—SOMETHING–about it. After all, it’s an election year in 2006. That means, they will actually consider doing something for once. If it weren’t, this story would die and everyone will be talking about some celebrity’s sex tape and taking sides on that one…

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