Show mom some love tomorrow


It’s almost Mother’s Day, and if you haven’t put a card in the mail, don’t panic. You can still save face and possibly even upstage your siblings to reclaim the title of “favorite child.”

Here are a few last minute ideas:

Flowers- It might seem trite, but wake up and smell the roses. Mom’s love this. Plus, these three words will be your saving grace- Same Day Delivery.
Online gift cards- Give dear ol’ mom a call tomorrow and hear the surprised reaction when she opens her inbox to find a generous gift certificate to her favorite spa, restaurant, etc. This one has saved me a number of times. Also works well for forgotten birthdays.
Make something- If you have the opportunity to see your mother in person tomorrow, you still have time to get crafty. Possess knitting skills? I think you could make a couple pot holders between now and brunch tomorrow. Beer cans lying around from last night? Looks like a wind chime to me!
Framed picture of yourself- Duane Reade is a great resource for last minute gifts. And while you pick up a new coffee maker or the latest “As Seen On TV” gadget, pop by the photo center and print out your smiling face to frame so mom can show you off to the ladies at bridge club. Bonus points if the photo includes her, your siblings or a family pet. This is also a favorite of grandmothers.
Homemade Sweets- Nothin’ says lovin’ like something from the oven. Pick up some Duncan Hines at Foodtown and whip mom up a “homemade” cake.

Most of all, make sure to show your mom some love tomorrow. The woman gave birth to you, for goodness sake.

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