Shop, Drop & Drink Tomorrow

Shop, Drop & Drink is tomorrow, Saturday 4/7, a Williamsburg-wide shopping event and bargain hunt through local bars, shops, and galleries.

Participants will have access to discounts, performances, and special events at 50 businesses, including Bird, In God We Trust, Life:Curated, Jumelle, Shoe Market, Catbird, The Commodore, and Momofuku Milk Bar.

The event is centered around the Domino Smart Guide app, which lets participants view a map and target their favorite stores and bars. Taking a picture of a desired item and posting it to Facebook will unlock the special deal for that item. You can download the app from Domino here.

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn wakes up for Spring with the first annual Shop, Drop & Drink event, celebrating the coming of spring and highlighting the neighborhood’s unique retail, bar, restaurant, and gallery offerings all in one event. Produced by Kathryn Irby, Co-Founder of the highly successful Brooklyn Vintage Crawl, in collaboration with the Northside Merchants Association and Domino (a mobile smart guide platform), present Shop, Drop & Drink as a new kind of social shopping event.  Nearly 50 businesses will offer various sales, special events, and performances, making Williamsburg the neighborhood to shop and explore this coming Easter weekend.

Shop, Drop & Drink’s mobile smartphone capabilities sets it apart from typical shopping events.  Being one of the first to truly integrate the use of mobile technology as the central guide for the event. Through the free Domino Smart Guide app; organizers, retailers and shoppers communicate with each other, tying the Shop, Drop & Drink event together despite being spread out across a large neighborhood.

The Domino Smart Guide app enables attendees to view the event map and target their favorite stores and bars. To unlock a store’s special deal, shoppers will snap a picture of the item they wish to purchase and post it to their Facebook wall. Driven by the shopper’s post, the Smart Guide app will immediately unlock the store’s e-coupon for use, promoting the purchase. This first of its kind, mobile application and event based relationship between the shopper and merchant is essentially creating a new way for retailers to market their stores.

Well-known neighborhood merchants with strong followings including; Bird, In God We Trust, Life:Curated, Jumelle, Shoe Market, Catbird, The Commodore, Momofuku Milk Bar and many others will offer special discounts and giveaways. In their first appearance since last spring, The Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg food market will return to the neighborhood on April 7th as a participant in Shop, Drop & Drink.  All participating merchants are offering an opportunity for attendees to experience Williamsburg as a unique retail destination while promoting local business through social media.


  1. Too bad, I was too drunk to make it.

  2. America loves a good consumer.

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