She Lives!

Of course we were hoping to hear her use her catchphrase, “I want to give you a hand job with my mouth.” No such luck. She’s does offer up a tired “seacrest out,” right after accusing Vice of not paying her. Oh, and nice Disney tits Marilyn art. AnimalNewYork has some new pictures too.


  1. So my question today is: who will be the first to combine memes and blame the Grifster for the swine flu?
    GRIFSTER SNOUTBREAK 2KSWINE: (This time, it’s porksonal)

  2. It takes a true sociopath to apologize for their “bad mistakes” and then via video blog ask their former employer for their last check, even though they lied for the job and were fugitives of the law at the time.
    PS. Anyone know the reward for turning her in to the SLCP? The idea of being a bounty hunter is dope and I want in.

  3. Not even a little bit interesting…

  4. sticks says:

    please come the fuck off of this story. when blogs over-obsess with pointless shit, I end up never coming back to look at the site again. I loved new york shitty blog until miss heather became obsessed with Studio B. Free Williamsburg: get over it please now.

  5. 1. the hipster grifter thing needs to stop. it’s not even interesting.
    2. this was the shittiest apology ever.

  6. It’s endlessly interesting. Ok, well it’s endlessly entertaining at least..

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