Shakeup at Dumont – shareholders vote out Colin Devlin’s wife on Christmas day


We’re still stunned by Devlin’s tragic death last year. Dumont remains closed — word is they will reopen soon with their original chef overseeing a new menu. Now it appears there’s more trouble for the once highly successful Williamsburg staple:

Earlier this week, a manager at Dumont Burger denied the rumor that there had been a staff shakeup in the Devlin Metro Group. But now, Kristina Greene, the wife of the late restaurateur Colin Devlin, says that Dumont and Dumont Burger are “no longer in the same ‘family.'” Ms. Greene tells Eater: “Three of the partners at Dumont Burger pushed me out by sending me an email on Christmas Day and then ‘voted’ me out at the first ever shareholder’s meeting held on December 30.”

Dumont abruptly closed earlier this month, but Ms. Greene says that the restaurant will reopen before the spring. The team is currently doing some necessary work on the garden and the kitchen. Dumont is one of the true pioneers of the Williamsburg dining scene, and the food and service have been consistently great over the years. Hopefully it will return sooner rather than later.