Sexy New Rewards Single “Equal Dreams” Features Solange Knowles

Aaron Pfenning no doubt knows how to churn out synth heavy dreams, you know, being a founding member of that little Brooklyn band called Chairlift and all. But under moniker Rewards, Pfenning’s synth takes a turn from the drearier variety to an up-tempo worthy of rubbing bodies together.

To be frank, each track has that reverberating quality that is nicely paired with a sexual partner and the newest single “Equal Dreams” is no exception.

With the addition of Solange Knowles’ yearning “am I everything you always wanted” cry to Aaron’s breathy bellow, we’ve made a promise to ourselves to play this on repeat… with a stranger from Union Pool or, well, dancing on our own.

Equal Dreams (Feat. Solange Knowles) by DFA Records


  1. Holy crap, that describes the song perfectly!

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