Sexy Jen nips out in front

Whenever we’re feeling depressed about the state of media in this country, we take solace in Britian’s The Sun. Here’s a sample of their cutting edge journalism.

IT isn’t just Britain where the weather is a bit nippy at the moment. JENNIFER ANISTON was feeling the cold in Vancouver, Canada.
The ex-Friends star really is absolutely stunning — no question about it. Quite why she is single is beyond me.
A bit farther south, in more ways than one, BRITNEY SPEARS was snapped looking better than usual.
Her efforts to hide the Smarties failed too.

If you’re curious, it’s strangely safe for work.


  1. Too funny, if only ’cause I thought it was known that Aniston’s nipples are always hard. Watch any episode of “Friends”. That’s just the way she’s made.

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