Seriously, Fuck Twitter

Thanks for the tip, Mike.


  1. lowellfield says:

    Anyone familiar enough with Twitter to write that sketch must also have spent a fair amount of time using it. Which makes the ear-bleeding sanctimony even harder to take.

  2. This kind of bitching about twitter is exactly the same as conservatives bitching about gay marriage (e.g.)
    Don’t like Twitter? Don’t get one!
    (Also: self-promotion via knocking on self-promoters for self-promoting? Kinda gauche, dude.)

  3. Are you guys kidding?
    That shit was hilarious. Lighten up, man. Nobody’s taking away your twitter.

  4. if they were really your friends, wouldn’t they write you letters and send them through the mail?

  5. Thomas C says:

    So funny!
    But sams comment is much much more funny …

  6. Fail Whale says:

    Were the first two commenters actually characters in the video???? Sounds like it.

  7. “This kind of bitching about twitter is exactly the same as conservatives bitching about gay marriage (e.g.)”
    What? What? Huh?
    On a different but related note, Republican Senators love Twitter.

  8. Global Wombat says:

    As a blogger, you are already at the end of the wordsmith food chain. I say you should embrace your tweeting brethren.

  9. man, some really sensitive people getting really defensive up in this comments page…
    I thought your video was hilarious, and I use Twitter.
    I think if you’re getting bent out of shape about someone making fun of something as easily mocked as Twitter, you are HANGING ON TOO TIGHT.
    “ear-bleeding sanctimony”?
    Where the hell was the ear bleeding sanctimony?!

  10. i’m a little older than the average w-burger and i have to say that the twitter/facebook phenomena makes avid users just seem so sad, so desperate for self-validation. try being self-sufficient without running every fucking thought you’ve ever had through the filter of others limited minds. it really is a silly, self mocking fad that will die at the least and an embarrassing mark of personal insecurity at it’s worst for the twitterazzi.

  11. lowellfield says:

    I’m not “bent out of shape” over the video. I’m just astonished that the irony of blog posts and (especially) blog comments that deride a slightly different form of online communication is actually lost on you people.
    “Blogging is cool, but fuck microblogging” seems like a very delicate position.

  12. lowellfield says:

    … but yes, the video was insufferable. Funny if you don’t find South Park preachy enough, I guess.

  13. “I forgot how much I like pickles!” Too funny!

  14. Absolutely brilliant video. Hilarious and soo true. Stop with the incessant popularity contests people!! “I’m cooler than you – look what I’M DOING NOW.” I foresee the telephone becoming obsolete. No need to actually converse with someone anymore – it’s all about ME now.

  15. haha, @lowellfield. Twittering is such a desperate plea for validation; reading other peoples’ thoughts all the time is a really strange/ semivoyeristic way to interact with someone.

  16. twitters remind me of the BORG from star trek … hahaha

  17. Good lord do I hate twitter! Can’t stand that stupid shit and all the morons who are obsessed with 140 character messages

  18. dabby doo says:

    Thank you so much for the video. Please attack facebook as well.

  19. I think you all need to go outdoors for awhile…

  20. Chris Capan says:

    Man twitter is f’in bullsht!!! I think it was developed by the FBI or CIA for sting operations. If people are dumb enough to put what they are doing on there and it is illegal in any way law enforcement can track you down and you can get busted!!!

  21. Wow that’s good you should Tweet that!

  22. *phew* I JUST closed my twitter account

  23. FUCK TWITTER FUCK TWITTER FUCK TWITTER ,bunch of losers, they suspended my account since the first day i signed up , RACIST MOTHEFUCKERS OR WHAT?? and then i created another account and this morning ,its suspended too ….what a bunch of assholes !!!
    sorry u guys for that ,i just needed somewhere to let out my anger
    i just cant get it !!im no spammer ,no offender, no terrorist…so what the fuck,im so offended!!
    ahh ,maybe i think they only allow people to tweet 100% shit so guys like me who try to tweet about knowledge, about things that r interesting and informative r NOT ALLOWED and get suspended!

  24. Anyone important enough to look at updates about probably has their own website anyway. And to all the people saying, “Oh, OK, so you think it’s stupid to microblog but not to regularly blog?” No, we’re saying it’s stupid to update people with such miniscule, mundane, and basically pointless events and thoughts. Blogs essentially have the same feel as Twitter, and I can say I don’t really like blogs either unless they’re informational and not solely based around the person’s every breath.

  25. i agree fuck these arse holes twitter shitter litter critter all the same lot of wasters

  26. lets go twitter pecking guys

  27. most twitters are just shitters

  28. Fuck yea. Fuck tweeter in the nuts!

  29. I kind of agree, Twitter makes no sense…who cares what people are thinkin all of the time…I don’t get it personally! it seems super retarded and ridiculous and i completely agree with the video and I’ve tweeted and personally I’ve got nothing out of it! like facebook, it is kind of a self-bragging session of what I think is cool or interesting or how cool my unexceptional life is!

    its Bunk and bogus and personally its a big waster of time!

    Tweet on fellow Tweeters….there seems to be bigger purposes and causes in the world than spending all day tweeting or facebooking…and I’ve tried and done both, but at the end of the day, its kind of an empty experience!

  30. its all fuckin horseshit..facebook, tumblr, twitter, instagram and blogging…caca big time!

    Narcissism is rampant!

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