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Every age needs a minstrel to sing to us about God, The Devil, TV, and Uncle Sam. Orlo fills this mighty bill, reflecting on the issues at hand, while also mirroring all of us and our everyday trials with love gone sour, bad jobs, and our grabs at happiness.

Orlo Billingsly performs both alone with his guitar, together with his band, and with his project The Grand Canyon Suite.

Free Williamsburg asked Orlo some questions about being a musician in Brooklyn, his Band Van, and subway performers...

Free Williamsburg: Is Brooklyn Better?

Orlo Billingsly: Yes. The Beer's cheaper or free, both for me and my audiences. It's Closer to home, for me and most of my audience, and there's more the type of crowd that will come and see me regularly. There are some good clubs with managers who seem (at this point anyway) to want to foster a quality music scene and help out the bands if they can.

Free Williamsburg: Who's your favorite subway performer?

Orlo Billingsly: That guy with one arm and the nub who just says, "OOOBahlittle change please, OOOBahlittle change please....."

Free Williamsburg: Do you have a Band Van?

Orlo Billingsly: I HAD a baby blue minivan with a non-opening driver-side door,that I got for 200 dollars cash, a guitar, and a bottle of whiskey. It came with a used crack/coke pipe in the front cup holder.

Orlo Billingsly will be playing every Friday at 10pm at THE GREEN LOUNGE - Franklin St. and Java in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and The Grand Canyon Suite will be playing there every Thursday in Sept. at 9pm except for September 7 which is at 8pm.

Orlo Billingsly's other project "The Grand Canyon Suite" just released a self titled record in April and will begin recording new material this fall. Orlo Billingsly's debut record is in the works right now and will hopefully be done by Halloween or Thanksgiving.

-Bret Nicely
Free Williamsburg