September 24 March: End the War on Iraq!

A reminder that this Saturday there will be a huge march for peace in DC. It will be followed by a free concert featuring:
Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, Le Tigre, Bouncing Souls, Steve Earle, The Coup, The Bellrays, and many others on the Washington Monument grounds.
Strangely, none of the New York bloggers are covering this event thus far. Here’s our two cents on political marches… they are generally not very effective since the media and right wingers portray participants as dirty, Lefty, nutjobs. Nevertheless, showing other nations that not everyone in this country approves of the Iraq war and George Bush is extremely important. The Bush administration wants to ignore and censor protest. What’s more important than exercising free speech in these creepy times? Don’t be a cynic, head on down if you can. Click here for more.


  1. Maybe not dirty nutjobs, but have you actually been to a protest? The message might be ‘no war,’ but that doesn’t stop the legalize pot dudes and the crazy whistle-blowing 55 year-old pro-choice types from showing up and condescending to everyone. Anti-war rallies are really swell, but they accomplish absolutely nothing. Learn to play the game properly. If you want to change anything, you’re going to have to give tons of money to lobbyists (good lobbyists, like Environmental Action and other do-gooders) to change politicians’ minds. And don’t blame the media for this; it really comes down to the protesters being too naive to really matter.

  2. did you read the post, Paul:
    “they are generally not very effective… Nevertheless, showing other nations that not everyone in this country approves of the Iraq war and George Bush is extremely important. The Bush administration wants to ignore and censor protest. What’s more important than exercising free speech in these creepy times?”
    agreed, money talks and is a more effective way to get shit done. The doesn’t mean protests should end, we should just add boycotts and lobbies to the queue.

  3. Boycotts never work. If I was some tv exec, and some protesters decided to boycott my advertisers because they saw something that they didn’t like, my response would be: *yaaaawn*
    Besides, what are you boycotting, ‘war’? And don’t say ‘oil,’ because every industry is reliant upon it. How do you think they turn the soy into a veggie burger? That’s right, a fossil fuel-burning machine makes it. And then they employ a truck to ship it to your local market.
    Expressing First Amendment rights is vital, I agree. It’s just not enough, and not nearly effective. Elect better leadership and, for godsakes, vote in the Primaries!!! People who only vote in the General Elections are part of the problem.

  4. Yeah, veggie burgers are pretty gross…
    And Paul, you’re an asshole.

  5. Tellin’ it like it is, young man. You may as well plug your ears with your fingers and yell “nya nya nya” really loud, Teenwolf. You don’t want to listed to opposing viewpoints (even though I agree with the anti-war stance in principle) and apparently, you have something against Primaries.

  6. Nice arguement, friends on the other side of the atlantic. I feel a kind of releave every time I see US people marching for peace cause that’s quite rare. So much for the European point of view. Of course it doesnt help a lot. But it really brushes up your fucked up reputation over here. There youre pretty right about the media. You usually never hear about protests. Neither in your nor in our mainstream media. March on!

  7. “It really brushes up your fucked up reputation over here…”
    I honestly don’t think Americans really give a shit what people think of them, since most of them are completely oblivious to what goes on beyond their living room walls.
    The liberals seem to care, though. Conservatives only give a shit about themselves and those who are in their class.
    I, personally, don’t care what Europeans think of me. I can’t help being born where I was. I didn’t vote for Bush, I don’t agree with the war, nevertheless it doesn’t seem to stop some Europeans thinking that I, personally, have something to do with it because I was born and live in America. That’s just stupid.
    It’s funny to me how the world will scream about the “innocents” in Iraq or whatever other country something is going on but will easily assign blame to the innocents here in America that have nothing to do with what our government does nor can do anything about it.
    I agree with Paul to some extent. Those who vote for the two major parties here are naive in thinking that either one of them have their interests at heart. Oh, they’ll tell you that they do, because they want your vote and then once in, they’ll do whatever they want and only cater to those who pay them off well.
    You want change in this country? Tell both the Democrats and the Republicans to fuck off and vote for someone else for some real change.
    “But they can’t win!” you’ll hear people say. Exactly. That’s because you keep thinking that they can’t.
    Instead of being more concerned with yourself as being a “winner” by living vicaroiously through whoever does win, why not just reject the two parties and vote for someone that stands for real change. If enough people stop thinking a third party can’t win, things will change.
    As far as what the average person on the street thinks of the average person on the street in America…Most have about as much to do with the war as you Europeans do. After all, a lot of you are there fighting as well, right? Despite what your population seems to think. Should I blame YOU for that? I think not.

  8. i’ll be there bright and early. i have a voice and i intend to use it whether anyone hears it or not. Jah

  9. Hey serg I didn’t mean to offend anyone by my comment, and I am well aware there are many sane people in the states but last time more than half of your population voted for !W!AR, okay? I met many nice people from your country but do you know something else? Some Americans tend to be offended quite easily. Shall I tell you what? I’m german. I’m used to be disliked now and then for no reason and maybe you should just not care to much if you know that you have no responsibility for the shit happening. I only wanted to state it is necessary that you go out to demonstrate because ohterwise all the world sees on the news about your country is b52s and F16s. And we are at least reporting about foreign countries.
    We aren’t fuckin sacred in Europe I know that but don’t be so edgy please.

  10. Sorry. Didn’t mean to come off as abrasive. Just trying to make a point. Half the population voted for Bush mostly because of his social stances on abortion, prayers in school, anti-porn campaigns (wait—this one is coming) more than they did the war. The Evangelical Christians mobilized to vote for him on these issues alone.
    There are people in the U.S. who will disagree with Bush on economic policies, the war, and whatever else but WOULD vote for him because of his stance on these issues. This is more true than most realize.
    There are those who are literally “one issue” voters and this is sad. They’re willing to chance sacrificing social programs etc just because of his stance on what are in reality, religious issues.
    So it isn’t really so much that there was agreement with the war.
    Add to that that only about 40% of the registered voters actually vote in the first place…so it was more like half of those who actually vote.
    The numbers don’t actually reveal the reality here.
    NYC just had a democratic primary. Hardly anyone came out to vote who are registered democrats. And I bet the same thing happens in the actual Mayoral race…which will sweep Bloomberg back into office. How and why? I don’t know. NYC—a city in one of the so called “blue states” will eventually elect a Republican mayor for the 4th straight time.

  11. Everyone knows Bloomberg is really a Democrat Sergio. And I voted in the primary. For Weiner

  12. Thank you Sergio. Good luck for the things to come. To all of us.

  13. “Everyone knows Bloomberg is a Democrat, Sergio..”
    Ok. Rationalize all you want. One could call themselves whatever they like. That’s meaningless. All because he likes to wear that “everyman’s” jacket when he goes around the city doesn’t mean he’s in tune with the real New Yorker’s problems.
    He’ll probably win. I won’t vote for him. At least my conscience will be clear while the city continues to go on being the playground for the wealthy and the trust fund brigade while those born and raised here will continue to be priced out of their homes and neighborhoods.
    Democrat my ass. Or maybe this is the new Democrat? Talking like a “Democrat” while acting like a Republican.

  14. bloomberg might have had some dumb ideas over the years, but overall he’s done ok. people are investing in the city, and that’s a good thing, as any finance professor will tell you.
    bloomberg wants to invest in coney island, revitalize it and make it pretty. and you know what? that’s great. because have you seen it? it’s still a shithole, abandoned lots and junkies and all. everyone i’ve talked to who lives around the area is all for it. so it’s about time someone made it nice.
    and what’s the alternative? ferrer? vote him in and watch the crime rate go back to dinkins days. then you’ll rid the city of “trust funders,” etc., but you’ll be getting mugged on your way to the mail box.
    i do want those firehouses reopened, though… yeah, but i’ll still vote bloomie.

  15. H is right, so is the assertion that Bloomberg is a Dem. Pro-choice, against Bush in many areas including Judge Roberts, and progressive on education (though wrong on not giving teachers raises they deserve). The big criticism against Bloomy is that he’s billionaire…which means he’s not tied down to special interests like Ferrer is (yes, Al Sharpton is a special interest group all on his own). Yup, voted for Weiner, too. Mostly because I like his name.

  16. I grew up here and remember the Dinkins days with dread. Will NYC become like that under Ferrer? Who knows?
    Revitalization is a good thing so long as it takes the average New Yorker in mind. It usually doesn’t. “Revitalization” in most cases means “Gentrification” which means the working people get pushed out to make room for those who a) don’t want them around, b) want to be “cool” by living in a “hip” neighborhood (ahem, Williamsburg or c) want to build multi-billion dollar projects (like a basketball arena) and have people thrown out of their homes to make way for it.
    Regarding getting mugged…what happened to the old liberal way of thinking about the reason why these kids (or men) resort to a life of crime is because of poverty? I guess that’s gone out the window when liberals start making money and living in areas they want to colonize and push out the poor and working people who originally lived there….for fear of being mugged, I guess, right?
    Anyway…I admit the city is MUCH better than it was in the days of Dinkins but I fail to see how a Ferrer administration would bring all that back. Why is that? He’s a native New Yorker (unlike Bloomberg–unlike a lot of his voters and supporters); he grew up in a fairly average household, so he probabably has a better understanding of the average New Yorker’s problems and concerns. Will this prove to be the case? Only time will tell I suppose.
    But I’m curious to know why you think a Ferrer administration would mean the return of those dreadful Dinkins days. The fact that he’s Hispanic would have nothig to do with it, would it?
    Oh, one other thing. The city council is repsonsible for a lot of the laws passed in this city. And most of them have been there forever. It isn’t only the mayor. It’s mainly them.

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