Sarah McNally, owner of McNally Jackson, opening a huge bookstore in Williamsburg this fall


Bookstores are closing left and right in Manhattan. Thankfully, a new one is coming to Williamsburg. (And we already have a couple of great ones, Spoonbill and Greenpoint’s WORD).

From the Times:

After spending years scouring Manhattan for a second location, Ms. McNally of McNally Jackson abandoned her search. At the urging of a former employee, she began looking in Brooklyn and settled on Williamsburg, where she found a “magnificent,” loftlike space with a 20-foot ceiling. The store will open this fall.

“I started walking around Williamsburg and I fell in love with the neighborhood,” she said. “I have not figured out a way to make it happen in Manhattan. And I wanted to.”



  1. Martin Alexander says:

    If and when you’re looking to hire, I’m your man.

  2. Amy Streissman says:

    Support local bookstores– WORD and Spoontown have been here for years, let’s not lose them.

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