Santos Party House got shut down

photo via Village Voice

We’ve all come to expect DIY spaces to get shut down. When you’re throwing a basement show every Friday night or have set up shop in an abandoned warehouse to invite 500 of your closest friends over, it is really only a matter of time before some cops come and shut you down. (Not that it isn’t still a bummer when it happens). But with the recent shut down of Coco66 and now Santos Party House, there may even be a crackdown on legit venues.

Brooklyn Vegan writes:

Historically club crackdowns always come in waves, so it could be more than a coincidence that Coco66 was also shut down the same week, though they are kind of far apart and in different boroughs and were shut for different reasons (Coco66 was capacity-related or something). Paladino is to blame! Just kidding.

The shut down last night at Santos was due to sale or possession of drugs, forcing the Ninja Tune party to be relocated. Hopefully they will get things sorted out and start the party up again soon. I also hope Andrew WK is doing OK as a result of this. (Kidding. I’m sure he is remaining super positive and continuing to party anywhere and everywhere.)


  1. Don’t act like it’s ok, asshole. WE NEVER SHUT THE COPS DOWN!

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