S. Williamsburg Hasidim Assist NYPD in Grafitti Crackdown


The NYPD arrested five individuals on Saturday night over the course of four hours for graffiti vandalism in Williamsburg, The Jewish Political News and Gothamist reported. The NYPD was tipped off to the crimes by the WSPU, or Williamsburg Safety Patrol Units, part of the Williamsburg Shomrim (Hebrew for “Guards”). Most neighborhoods in New York with large Hasidic populations field Shomrims, which function as neighborhood watch organizations and often work in close concert with police to report and prevent crime.

The NYPD arrested 23-year old Patrick Hoblin after the WSPU received a call from a neighbor who claimed to have seen Hoblin spraying graffiti at the corner of Bedford Ave. and Clymer St., south of Division Ave., at approximately 1:10 A.M. At approximately 3:14 A.M., cops arrested Alexis Blake, 22, and Emma Fee, 21, after WSPU says it received a call that the pair were spraying graffiti at 341 Broadway, about a block away from the Marcy Ave. J/M/Z stop. Finally, the NYPD arrested Paul Muniz, 41, and Giovanni Carle, 24, at approximately 5:09 A.M. after WSPU received a third call complaining of two males spraying graffiti at 367 Broadway, also close to the Marcy Ave. J/M/Z stop.

Lesson: don’t spray graffiti in Hasidic neighborhoods, because they will call the cops.


  1. Brennan says:

    Or get Liev Schreiber to pummel you apparently.

  2. No Spam says:

    Wow. Chalk that up as a first. Hassids live in such a gated community – hello, you live in a neighborhood that’s not all yours. So weird.

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