Rough Trade is hosting the world’s largest Moog installation

moogWhile Rough Trade is working out their concert situation, they are celebrating all things Moog with an installation that runs to the end of March. From MoogMusic:

For 25 days in March, Rough Trade NY is housing the world’s largest modern Moog installation as a mile-marker on the road to Moogfest, and Moog invites all artists in the area to stop by and utilize the space for experimentation and discovery. The residency serves as a physical manifestation of the intersection of music, art and technology,and it is meant to be used as an artist’s resource. Although it is free to the public, this is no museum exhibit- visitors are encouraged to interact, engage and experiment with the analog electronics. All are welcome to craft sound as well as bring a recording device to sample the instruments.

The installation is the world’s largest Moog installation and leads up to Moogfest in Asheville, NC (April 23-27). They will also be giving away a free Moogfest ticket on each day of the installation.

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