Great $800 room available in Williamsburg with one catch

syriaI came across this hilarious Craigslist ad today where the poster is offering his room in Williamsburg for a steal of $800. The one catch is that it comes with a roommate who wants to talk about Syria too much. From the post:

I’d like to return to my apartment, but I know that as soon as I do, I’ll be confronted by a roommate with opinions on the Syrian conflict and a determination to share them with me. The apartment has high ceilings and exposed brick along the far wall. At only $800/month it’s a steal for the location.

I won’t listen to your god damn opinions on Syria, Mike. I won’t do it.


As for me, I haven’t been home in a week. I’ve been staying late at work, and then grounding myself at a bar until last call. Then I wander the streets until dawn breaks. Cold, afraid, and lonely; content only in knowing that I don’t have to talk to my roommate about Syria.

Oh really, Mike? “Apathy towards the Middle East is bankrupting this nation’s morality”? Stop using my shampoo.

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