Rollin’ With Your Homies

Attention kickball, trivia, bowling enthusiasts, or anyone else that enjoys playing competitive games along with the consumption of alcohol:

If you didn’t already know, Full Circle Bar on Grand Street is home to Brewskee-Ball, a game that involves drinking and good ‘ole fashioned skee-ball (duh). Tonight the bar will be hosting the Brewskee-Ball Winter Skeeson Kick-Off Jamboree, which means FREE SKEE-BALL for anyone and everyone that decides to show up. And wait, there’s more: from 7-9pm, enjoy an Open Genny Bar featuring Geneeson Cream Ale, Geneeson Tall Boys, and Genny Light.

Interested in having this kind of fun every week? You can sign you and your friends up to be on your very own Brewskee-Ball team by emailing the following team details to [email protected]:

1. Witty Team Name (i.e. Skee Amigos, Skeephen Colbert, Just Brew It)
2. Team Roster (3 Rollers per team plus alternates)
3. Divisional Night (Sunday, Monday or Wednesday)

Or teams can register tonight at the Kick-Off Jamboree, which will also include a canned food drive for City Harvest and a Butt Money tournament. (That last part is probably best explained with this video.)

Come on out to meet some rad people and play some rad games, or at least enjoy some free beer. What’s not to love?

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