REVIEW: Röyksopp Played Output


A lot of bad/good choices were made on Tuesday night when I decided to attend Röyksopp’s DJ set instead of opting for a good night’s sleep before an early morning shoot. Regardless, I’m glad that I was in attendance to see the nordic duo weave seamlessly between classic house tracks into heavier dub-laced selections as the night wore on.

The crowd left a little something to be desired. Upon entering the venue, some drunk kid said to me, “Oh it’s just a DJ set?” to which I responded, “Yeah, but I’m sure it will be great.” To which he responded, “Like great, even if I don’t have drugs?” Mind you, he said this right in front of two security guards. SO YEAH! I guess there’s always someone who’s there for the wrong reasons.

We persevered and were gifted with an atmosphere that (minus the crowd) felt like a true European nightclub. The performance built in strength and volume as Röyksopp played a diverse and varied DJ-set.

After a lengthy chat on the roof, my friend and I returned to a completely different energy than what we had left about 40 minutes prior. What started as a night of progressive house had turned into a proper dub-show as Röyksopp blasted the chords of Bassnectar’s remix of Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name. “Okay that one got a bit messy,” one of the members said after wrapping up the song. I think they meant it got a little wild, and they weren’t lying.

Things went back to a tamer note as they played through some of their own discography, namely some of the Robyn collaborations. By 2:30 AM, the club had cleared up a bit, and a more mature audience remained. I had to duck out shortly after (I got in bed at 4 AM on the dot after a ride back to Astoria!), but overall I give two thumbs up to Röyksopp for playing a fun show and reaching outside of the boundaries of their own subgenre by playing an elcectic mix of both heavy and house. I did not hear Happy up Here, but I listened to it on my headphones on the way home, so my night felt complete.

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