REVIEW: Capital Cities Played the Bounce Boat


Friday night was the perfect evening for a boat ride on the Hudson. Plus it was the beginning of the weekend, so dancing was just a given. The Hornblower Inifinity yacht picked up at Pier 40, and was already blasting EDM music by 7 PM. There were a few things I noticed immediately: the sound system was kicking, the drinks were slightly less expensive than club prices ($11.50 for a mixed drink or $15 for a LIT if you really wanted to hate yourself the next day) and there were shit ton of people from New Jersey. I later found out that Groupon had been offering a $30 ticket attracting our friends from across the river.

My friend and I spent most of our time on the top deck, soaking up the scenic views of Manhattan by night and listening to the music from the mainstage which was being transmitted over the speakers. Brenmar doled out Avicii’s You Make Me as we made our way to the bar, a good omen for the night’s soundtrack.

We later popped onto the second level VIP deck overlooking the dance floor to laugh at Solidisco for a bit, who despite the fact that their music sounded great, looked like they were doing literally nothing in terms of performing. I dare you to get an overhead look of a DJ duo working their station. I mean, I’m growing up in the EDM generation (or at least that’s what I tell myself, I know I’m already too old for it) so I hardly care if the artist just presses play, but they were overcompensating so hard. It made me laugh, a lot. Even so, their playlist had me dancing. Big ups for playing Chromeo’s White Women single, Jealous.

I eventually made friends with a hip dude in his mid-40s (it was nice to know I wasn’t the oldest person there), so the next natural step was to dance it out on the dance floor. It was crowded on the lower deck, but we found a place to groove right next to the speaker. It took me a minute to realize, but only one “city” was present. Ryan Merchant worked his DJ set with ease, interacting with the audience and playing music of which you could tell he was a genuine fan, making for a light and fun performance. While I was jiving out with my new buddy, my lady date got approached by a European man. He was comically aggressive. When I gave him the tip to slow it down, he said, “I no speak English well.” and then continued to make out with her neck. He eventually gave up. What are you gonna do?

Toward the end of Merchant’s headlining set, he played the 2013 Capital Cities hit Safe and Sound, and supplied some of his own live vocals, which was a nice touch. He followed it up with Cherub’s Doses and Mimosas, and urged the audience to check them out. They must be buds. I like that.

Bounce Boat provided a fun evening of music and dancing in a fresh environment. Some people went all out with VIP bottles on the second floor, which others stuck with the general admission tickets which got them access to only certain floors of the boat. There were bars on every level, and a buffet option for people who wanted dinner.  The two stages provided options for different musical tastes (though honestly, I never found the smaller stage) and it was hard to get bored on the boat, especially with all of the characters on board. If you’re a fan of EDM or dancing in general, it’s worth checking out. The 1,100 capacity boat was hardly full, and based on what all the Jersey folks had to say you may very likely come across another Groupon for it.

We’ll keep you updated when they drop the August lineup!

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