REVIEW: BangOn NYC! Short Shorts 3: From Dusk til Dawn


And in a flash of glitter and glow-in-the-dark face paint, the party of the summer is over. Vibes were all good Saturday night into Sunday morning when BangOn threw their annual Short Shorts shindig. The secret location, which turned out to be in a multi-level Supper Club near Bedford-Nostrand, was packed when we arrived around 2 AM. As per usual, the crowd was flashy including everyone from babes sporting neon unitards to bros in the glow. You know what I’m sayin’.

Despite the cramped situation, my friend and I were still able to score silent disco headphones in a matter of minutes. Quiet Clubbing (who I’ve been tipped off may or may not be appearing in an upcoming episode of Shark Tank) has this system down to an art. You give them your ID or a credit card. They give you a set of headphones and a numbered return ticket, and well if you break them, you buy them. Simple enough! The DJ’s were solid. The Blue channel offered a more top 40 set list, while green focused on deep house. You always knew which channel was crushing it by the cheers that broke out over the dancing crowd.

If the silent disco dance floor wasn’t your style, there were plenty of options for escape. There was a (questionably structurally sound) platform accessible by ladder located above the slip n’ slide which offered limited space for “livin’ on the edge”. It also provided the potential opportunity to get your eyebrows singed by fire breathers who made this their home for the evening. God, Brooklyn is weird, and I love it.

Booze sales had to break down at 4 AM when the cops came to peruse the situation, but the Red Bull continued to flow well into the morning. Drinks were reasonable priced, and it was surprisingly easy to score a drink at the pop-up bars located in front of the BangOn! Party Bus.

Other Bangerz (no relation to Miley) stayed inside the “underwear room”, or found a place in the main dance hall where an impressive DJ lineup tore it up until the party ceased at 6 AM. Dudes were still passing around shots of scotch as the sun came up. PROUD. I’m also taking this opportunity to give myself mad props because in this room I singlehandedly used my dance moves to rescue a man in a K-Hole. I spotted him in the back, and within moments he went from dazed and confused to ready to groove. Or maybe he was just tired. Jesus, Megan, it was 6 AM, give the dude a break. YOU DON’T KNOW HIS LIFE.

The only bummer were the pancakes at dawn. We had missed the open pit BBQ earlier in the evening, so we were a little famished. For one, I thought the hotcakes were included in the ticket price (maybe I was just confused by the wording on the flyer), and two, the whole breakfast setup left a little to be desired. On a positive note, we were actually up early enough for McDonald’s, so no real harm done.

Overall, another fantastic party curated by the one and only BangOn NYC! If you are a party animal and you haven’t managed to make it to one of their secret throw downs yet, you are seriously missing out. Groups like BangOn NYC! are one of the many things that help make New York City one of the greatest (and weirdest) cities on the planet.


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