Red Bull Creation Comes to McCarren

Red Bull Creation challenged inventors to build something useful, imaginative and inspiring within 72 hours under the theme “Energy in Motion.”  Creations must move the weight of a 100lbs person from point A to point B, without the use of fossil fuels.

Check out a future (where apparently only skinny people will be mobile) for free at McCarren Park this Sunday, July 10 from 3PM to 7PM.

Image c/o Laughing Squid

Event Day Schedule

3:00PM – Doors Open

4:00PM – Team Creation Showcase #1

4:25PM – Team Creation Showcase #2

4:50PM – Guest Performance: That 1 Guy

5:20PM – Team Creation Showcase #3

5:45PM – Team Creation Showcase #4

6:10PM – Awards

5:20PM – Guest Performance: Eclectic Method

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