Reasons to Shop (aka Discounts) on Small Business Saturday, 11/26

Normally it doesn’t feel right to endorse shopping “holidays” started by large corporations, but Small Business Saturday seems to hold more merit than the soulless shit-storm known as Black Friday. This nationwide initiative created by American Express is focused on a formidable goal to get Americans to avoid their Walmart dependencies for a day and shop at local mom and pop shops instead, thus empowering local business and fueling the economy as a whole.

The irony of promoting this event in NYC is that many people already believe in the “shop local” mindset all year round, but although we may pride ourselves on filling our kitchens with farmers market produce and beans from local coffee shops, many of us are still guilty of shopping at large chains for convenience and/or lower prices. Perhaps the greatest advantage of Small Business Saturday is to help us remember to consciously support independent business for at least one day and to see all of the benefits it can bring to the dozens of micro-communities that make up the great city of New York.

Here’s a list of places in the ‘Burg where you can score some good deals this Saturday for a good cause, or at least a cause that is better than waking up at 4am to get 15% off a new flatscreen TV:

  1. The Future Perfect– 10 percent off all full-price, in-stock items excluding custom orders. 115 N. 6th St. (718) 599-6278
  2. Life:Curated– 15 percent off any purchase. 186 Grand St. (247) 689-9143
  3. Mable’s Smoke House– Two free draft beers with a purchase of a deluxe platter. 44 Berry St. (718) 218-6655
  4. Mini Mini Market– 15 percent off all non-sale merchandise. 218 Bedford Ave. (718) 218-7849
  5. Moon River Chattel– 10 percent off purchases of $50 or more. 62 Grand St. (718) 388-1121
  6. Sound Fix– 10 percent off all purchases. 44 Berry St. (718) 388-8090
  7. The West Beer, Wine, and Coffee Bar– All menu items are two for one. 379 Union Ave. (718) 599-1704

For a more complete list of participating business around NYC, download Paper Mag’s uber-helpful guide here:


  1. I don’t have to use an Amex card to get these discounts do I??

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