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At Northeast Kingdom restaurant in Bushwick, come take part in “Fireside Follies,” a new monthly reading series beginning Oct. 24.  Writers Michael Lala and Eric Nelson created the event as an occasion for local writers to get out and read, gain an audience, and meet and share with more published local authors.  The format is pretty wide open, and experimentation and creativity are obviously encouraged. From Brooklyn Eagle:

“Fireside Follies” will showcase works from various aspects of literature, including fiction, memoir, poetry, and creative nonfiction. The inaugural season will feature authors Emily Gould (And the Heart Says Whatever), Arthur Nersesian (Mesopotamia) and Justin Taylor (Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever), poets Molly Gaudry (We Take Me Apart) and Melissa Broder (When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother), former New York Times columnist Matt Gross, and artist Cristy Road (Bad Habits).

We all know Bushwick is on the up and up.  This free literary event gives us yet another reason to head to the neighborhood. Check it out.

BREAKING NEWS! Venue Change:Brooklyn Fireproof, 120 Ingraham St.Brooklyn. (L to Morgan St.)


  1. great event! shall not be missed for sure!

  2. Hey please note the venue has changed to Brooklyn Fireproof 120 Ingraham St. Brooklyn, NY L train to Morgan Ave

  3. hey!
    Please note the venue has changed from Northeast Kingdom to Brooklyn Fireproof. 120 Ingraham St. Brooklyn, NY L Train to Morgan

  4. Reading is absolutely necessary to survive in our world. Literature Fiction

  5. Hey everyone. This reading is on the 23rd, not the 24th, and it’s been moved to Brooklyn Fire Proof off the Morgan L at 119 Ingraham (and Porter). Thanks!

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