Psychodrama’s Second Session: a web series you should be watching

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It’s rather serendipitous: 3 aspiring actors befriend each other in the same class at the William Esper Studio in NYC. They (Kimmy Foskett, Liza Renzulli and Luisa Fidalgo) slowly come to realize that intense hangovers, cute hipster boys and aspirations aren’t the only thing they have in common; they have the same therapist! They realize… hey, guys. This could be something?

Thus begins the brainstorm for the first season of Psychodramaa web series of short themed clips, each involving events and conversations that have really happened to these 3 ladies in their time here in NYC as 20-somethings. And with titles like Indecision, Sex, Jealousy, Motivation and Communication, these episodes connect with the viewer, no matter how much acting you’ve done or therapy you’ve been to. The writing is sharp and smart and perfectly relatable (props to Kimmy and Liza).

The show is not just relatable, either. The production and direction of this show are incredibly professional, especially for these CHIX on a budget (they’ve used crowd-funding sites for both seasons). I’ve been consistently impressed by the quality and content, so I was really happy to hear that there would be a Second Session this winter (watch the entire first session here).

I had the chance to attend the premiere of the first two episodes this past weekend at Arlene’s Grocery. Not only was the party a blast (free Melt Shop! fun props for picture-taking! beer!), but they really stepped their game up with these episodes.

Liza is dead inside- until she meets a guy at a party- until things get weird. Kimmy wakes up with Doritos in her bed after texting her ex (“the Dark Lord”) and decides to shape up. And Luisa is scooped up as an intern when she’s there for an audition… it isn’t going well. These are all things that we’ve either thought about or that have happened to us in one way or another. There were a lot of deserved laughs in the packed crowd; the dialogue (filmed half in singular therapy-session form and half in real-life situations) is clever and hilarious as ever.

Choice line: “It is so fucking expensive to get your shit together.”

Lay back on your therapists’ chair and watch the first THREE episodes of the Second Session of Psychodrama below. Five more episodes are coming this winter!

You can also read an interview with the creators Kimmy, Liza and Luisa over at Greenpointers.

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