PSA: Save the Hipsters

We were trying to ignore this video, but now that Gothamist picked up the story and it specifically references Williamsburg…

Also, that’s a rather large bag of coke, hobo hipster. Dayum.


  1. not even remotely funny.

  2. This shit is so tired.

  3. Clove cigarrettes, really? I hate how so many people thing hip kids are some sort of “movement” Its just young kids, most of whom actually work, and hang out and drink. Not really much to it, and all this shit is just a waste of time.

  4. on point.

  5. OMG, Like yah. just bc i wear acid washed jeans and choose not to bathe doesn’t make me ‘in’ it just makes me super brickhouse

  6. BurghSport says:

    I mean come oooooon. Honestly the losers that made this couldn’t even walk into The Gutter or Barcade without getting talked down to until they left screaming. It’s a bunch of fin midtown losers wishing they were on the pulse like all of us.

    Who’s with me on this? I’m sick of these people trying to bully us because we tend towards the artistic important parts of life and leave the bar brawls for the bridge and tunnel crowd from Jersey and Long Island. Let’s get together and find who made this. We’ll sit them down and talk it out. I’m sure they’ll understand that we’re not hurting anyone and just want to enjoy a performance art exhibition in peace without you judging our appearance.

  7. The video is a joke, calm down.

  8. Mmmm clove cigarettes are so good, but I miss the tins they used to come in those were rad.

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