Priests Play Two Record Release Shows Tomorrow

priestsPriests may be one of the cornerstones of today’s D.C. punk scene, but a quick listen to their new EP, Bodies and Control and Money and Power (and with a run-time just a bit south of twenty minutes, a quick listen is basically your only option) reveals a band equally indebted to the speed and aggression of bands from our nation’s capital AND the repellent noise of New York no-wave.

It should come as no surprise then, that they’re celebrating the release of the aforementioned EP (which is out tomorrow via Don Giovanni) with a pair of shows at the two remaining Lower East Side punk sanctuaries, ABC No Rio and Cake Shop.

With no disrespect to Cake Shop, the dingy ABC No Rio is the perfect spot for Priests’ particular brand of institutional contemptuousness, so you should forget about squeezing in an episode of Game of Thrones after work and head directly to Rivington Street because doors are at 6 p.m. Don’t worry about stopping for something to eat on the way; when I caught them last year they were hurling vegetarian burritos from Chipotle out into the crowd.

If you’re slow out the door and/or anti-Chipotle, Wolfnights makes really good wraps and Priests won’t hit the stage at Cake Shop until after the sun goes down, so you’re set up well either way.

More details on the ABC No Rio show can be had here and advance tickets to Cake Shop are on sale nowBodies and Control and Money and Power will be available on vinyl at both shows, or you can pre-order the record now.


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