Practically Everyone Who Works at Beacon's Closet Is In a Band

It’s not surprising that fashion-minded job seekers would want to work at Beacon’s Closet, the pricey yet popular second-hand clothing store on North 11th St. featured in the WSJ yesterday.

Employees spend their breaks trying on clothes and getting first pick at the fresh crop of daily imports. Almost everyone who works there is in a band (one manager estimated 70-80%), and managers seem to be sympathetic to the demands of the touring lifestyle.

Still, it’s not easy for managers to recruit and keep people around.

Due to the neighborhood’s talent pool, Ms. Wheeler, who runs the store operation while Ms. Peterson keeps the books, said the challenges of attracting and keeping gifted employees, and especially scheduling work shifts, are somewhat different than they would be at, say, Saks or Bloomingdale’s. Many of her workers’ first commitments are to their musical careers, with retail coming in a distant second.

To land the coveted job one must go through what amounts to an audition, picking through a bag of used clothes and identifying items the store might want to purchase. That process is called a “buy,” and it’s the bread and butter of the entire operation.



  1. Musical “careers”


  2. brandonmetal says:

    who at the WSJ thought that was worthy of printing?

  3. poopiestick says:

    Yep. Used to do the same at that other store with the same style above Junk. But the pay is HORRIFIC?!?! Like, it’s cool to be in a clique and get free and cheap clothes, but really… how can I pay my $1600 a month rent with $8 an hour?

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