Police to Check Bags on NYC Subways

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Time to call the ACLU and start crotching your one-hitter:

From the AP
Police will begin conducting random searches of packages and backpacks carried by people entering city subways, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Thursday after a new series of bomb attacks in London.
Authorities said the system is still being developed, but the plan is for passengers carrying bags to be selected at random before they have passed through turnstiles.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly promised that officers would not engage in racial profiling, and that passengers will be free to “turn around and leave” rather than consent to a search.
Officials would not immediately say how frequently the checks would occur. The checks are scheduled to begin at some stations by Thursday evening and will be occurring throughout the system by rush hour on Friday.
“We just live in a world where, sadly, these kinds of security measures are necessary,” Bloomberg said. “Are they intrusive? Yes, a little bit. But we are trying to find that right balance.”
Authorities said there is also a possibility that checks will be conducted on some bus and train passengers.


  1. wow its time to get the fuck out of nyc

  2. we are so “losing” the “war on terror”

  3. rich dissonance says:

    I would rather be blown up and die with some dignity

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is bullshit. Why don’t they concentrate of potecting the ports and borders. First step to a police state

  5. I’ve been nauseated ever since learning of this. I don’t know what else to say… other than that I’m buying a bike.

  6. Anonymous says:

    if anthing else ever happens in NY, they’ll “randomly” be in our homes

  7. Anonymous says:

    Frankie says relax.

  8. Big deal. They already do it in the airports. They even got x-ray machines and metal detectors in schools in Brooklyn. How is this different?

  9. Do you really think they will single out a certain kind of profile? Hell no. They’ll look at everyone BUT the profile. You know they’re going to be “politically correct”.
    Then again, in all seriousness, it isn’t only middle eastern types who are into this islamo-fascist ideology. You have Thai, Chechen, African, Filipino, and white European converts who are ready to “martyr” themselves for Allah. One of these guys could be a blonde haired, blue eyed European—or an American—your next door neighbor who converted to Islam and is pissed off with the world—just as much as it could be an Arab.

  10. Julio,
    Could be? Yes. But so far it has been arabs.

  11. Arabs, yes….but also Pakistanis and Malaysians and Filipinos….Americans (remember John Walker?) A black African was one of those responsible for the bombings in Kenya a few years back….It’s not the nationality that’s the problem. It’s the religion and its ideology.

  12. i’m incredably liberal on every issue, but i have no problem with racial profiling here. until a blue eyed blonde haired grandmother blows up a subway, i’ll be okay with it. if people of middle eastern discent have a problem with this, then they should take more action in discouraging these people and demand that their governments back home take further action and take terrorism more seriously.

  13. I think these random searches are a complete and total waste of time. If a suicide bomber is going to blow himself and everyone else up on a subway, this is not going to stop him. These maniacs are willing to die for their cause. They want to die. It is an honor for them. So what good is bag searches, presence of cameras or police?
    This is what the world is up against:
    According to the jihadist thinking (and by this I mean the most strict interpretation of their religion) one can live the most pious life as a muslim and when you die and are judged to get into paradise, Allah may decide that you are not worthy to get into paradise, even if you believed you lived the most exemplary life a a muslim. But if you kill someone in Jihad, if you are a martyr, then you are GUARANTEED a place in paradise, no matter what kind of life you lived. How convienent, huh? Think of the implications of that.
    So what good is all the bag searches and surveillance cameras. It means nothing.
    These people are at war with the west, modernity, with a way of life. There is a lot more to their ideology then a lot of people seem to realize. The main problem for the west is that they haven’t seemed to grasp this yet. The western thinking is too wrapped up in politics and they pursue the “hearts and minds” strategy, which is also useless. For those muslims who do not accept this brand of fascism, ok. But we’re not talking about them. We’re talking about the fanatics. And before one says (and typically does) that it’s “only a small number of fantatics among an overwhelming majority of peace loving people”, think of this:
    Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that only 1 percent of muslims are fanatics. That’s 1 percent of 1 billion.
    Do the numbers: That’s what the civilized world is up against, even if it’s that low a number. That’s not counting those who are sympathetic at the very least.
    For those who want to allow their personal ideology to dictate their thoughts, well…I feel you do this at your own peril. Even if you hate Bush, this doesn’t change the fact that there are those in this world who want you dead, simply because of who you are. Believe me, the Jihadist doesn’t care if you’re a liberal or not. To them, you are an infidel or a jew or a crusader. The fact that you voted Democrat means nothing.

  14. Julio,
    It’s too bad we couldn’t blow up a religion. If we could, how fucking cool would that be?
    “Suck a dick, Allah!”
    (Someone get a wet-nap for Julio.)

  15. It’s incredible to me how people can take things the wrong way…mainly because they WANT to. I’m all for killing the bastards…all I said was that random searches means nothing when there are those who don’t give a shit whether they die or not. Ok, a cop finds a guy with a backpack full of explosives. He’ll just blow himself up and kill everyone standing around him, he doesn’t give a shit. Is looking through his bag going to be a deterrant when killing yourself is an honor? I think not. All I’m saying is that it’s just a waste of time. If anything, they’ll find some stoner with some weed on him. It won’t do a damn thing to stop someone from blowing himself up if he wants to.
    And as far as singling out middle eastern types. Single them out and it will be the Somali or the Chechen (you know, those Russians with blonde hair and blue eyes) will blow himself to kingdom come. Don’t you think they figured that one out already? While they look for middle eastern types, they’ll send one you don’t expect to do the killing.
    If the US were tougher on the terrorists to begin with and stop crying over these maniacs being “insulted” all the time, maybe we’d make some progress. At the moment, we’re way too concerned with “hearts and minds” strategy. It won’t work. You can’t win “hearts and minds” with people who are heartless and mindless…

  16. Ah, the hell with it Julio. Why bother trying to argue with them?
    You know, I just saw something on the news that disturbed me. There was this congressman on who was wringing is hands about what to do if the terrorists were to ever succeed in setting off a nuclear device in several American cities, killing millions of people.
    Hypothetical of course, but when asked of this possibility, he had no idea what we would do about it. Imagine that, huh? He suggested, as a deterrent, we should tell the muslim world that if that ever happens, we would bomb and destroy Mecca…this being his idea of hopefully getting “moderate” muslims to stand up and keep the more fanatical in check. Naturally, he was met with scorn and ridicule.
    I weep for this country. I’m seriously thinking of going back to South America. Imagine if that did happen and the response would be wringing hands and having an existential crisis over what to do about it. Raise the white flag. It’s over.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Terrorism is a fucking cartoon. Get over it.

  18. uh….yeah, whatever, man. Whatever….

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I am as against the random bag searching as anyone but…
    While it’s true that A bag search won’t stop a terroist from blowing themself up right then and there, not only would knoledge of bag checks be a deterent, as an easy target would be preferable, but the damage caused by the explosion at the check point and a few dead cops are nothing compared to the loss of life and economic shutdown that would be caused by someone blowing themsef up ON A CAR.
    Now what really pisses me off are these people who say that if you have nothing to hide you shouldn’t mind bag searches and camras everywhere. Anyone got the time? Oh god, is it 19:84 already? I’ve got to go. Do the people not get where that path takes you if you follow it to it’s end?

  20. I’m not really for these bag searches either, mainly because it’s a waste of time…but I see your point in a way. But really, in order to prevent this, you would have to literally stop everyone. I think this is more cosmetic than anything else. It makes people FEEL safer. I feel it could be intrusive and you know there are a bunch of dickheaded cops out there who will abuse their power and just harass some people.
    I solved this problem for myself: I just won’t cary any bags, that’s all. Now they have nothing to search….unless they start going through people’s pockets next.
    You know something else? People say, “You can’t do this or that because then the terrorist win!” Well, since 9/11, we’ve been living in a state of defensive lockdown, now they’re searching our bags on the subway. Seems to me, they DID change our way of life, huh? And hardly anyone seems to notice. They’re just accepting it as “the new normal”.

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