Police Give Details On the Bedford Three

From the Times:

Police officers arrested three people, and issued summonses to five others, early Wednesday after a crowd of hundreds of people surged into the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to celebrate Barack Obama’s election as president of the United States, the police said.

He goes on to say they didn’t break any laws, and that most of the crowd was well behaved, but a few were getting rowdy. As for the abuse?

Mr. Browne said the officers behaved appropriately. He said the crowd included about 450 people and at times some in the crowd were acting raucous. People were drinking beer and some were apparently pouring beer from rooftops, he said. He said that most people complied with the officers’ orders, but a few did not. Five people were issued summonses for disorderly conduct, Mr. Browne said. Three others, who were not immediately identified, were arrested.

Some cops were hurt, too. I think this explains why the kinda snapped…

In addition, a duty captain at the scene suffered injuries to his face and head after being hit by a bottle and a police officer injured his back when he was pushed by crowds and fell down, Mr. Browne said. No arrests were made in connection with those two incidents.

Get the full story at City Room.


  1. LOL
    It’s good to know that the police department is assuring us that the police department behaved appropriately.
    Maybe next, the city council can vote to extend their own term limits.
    Time for CHANGE in NYC.

  2. I just found this statement online by one of the guys arrested:
    I had the pleasure of getting my head split open and arrested for defending someone’s right to take photographs of the scene after the riot cops started arresting people. The cop raged at me when I said this person had “the first amendment right” to take photographs, the officer pushed me several times, yelling and pushing and yelling and pushing as I backed up trying to exit the situation and get out of his way. Then he pretty much tackled me, accidentally splitting my head on the curb, and handcuffed me there. When my friend simply asked why they were arresting me, several cops threw him to the ground and cuffed him too. We spent two hours in a holding cell (with my head gushing blood) and then were discharged with a summons for disorderly conduct. I understand the concerns of residents (I am one) and, given, the midnight election revelry was over-the-top, but i don’t think the police should have the right to arrest you (and in a violent fashion) just for talking to them or for exercising your first amendment rights. From what I saw, it appeared to be unleashed bent-up aggression, probably from all the 311 noise-complaint calls they get in the neighborhood or maybe from the McCain loss and fear of some weird ’60s lovefest uprising or maybe just because everybody loves to hate on the hipsters (myself included). But it was a shameful display of force and something that didn’t need to happen. Plain-clothes cops with no riot gear would have probably prevented such a debacle. Artists, after all, are pacifists at heart.
    — РWS

  3. I have actively campaigned for Obama for the last year. And as a person of color, no one could have been more psyched about our next president elect. BUT, if you hang out in bars on Bedford Ave you deserve to get your head cracked open.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFB-fH9qnLA
    I think this maybe the best video indication of what went down. It captures what the brutality was like at its height.

  5. Hey Fred, I’m sure the Obama campaign could have been better off without you, considering that you are a facist in Democrat clothing. Why stop at Bars on Bedford and crack the skulls of all non-conformists nationwide.

  6. Hey Fred, I’m sure the Obama campaign would have been better off without you, considering that you are a Fascist in Democrat clothing. Why stop at bars on Bedford, crack the skulls of all non-conformists nationwide.

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